Woke Police Commissioner becomes a victim of wokeness

New Zealand’s Police Commissioner Andrew Coster has been accused by National Party Justice spokesman Simon Bridges of letting his political wokeness impact negatively upon his law enforcement responsibilities. Now he’s getting it from the left, for his perceived profiling of Maori and Pacific Islander youth.

Its no surprise to see him in this fix. After all wokeness is a minefield of contradictions, hypocrisy and cant. It had to happen sooner or later. More interesting is his statement that

“There is no place for targeting of particular groups based on ethnicity or any other similar characteristic. We are aiming for clear behavioural indicators or information received as the trigger for police involvement.”

Doubtful if this is true. All the pressure on the Commissioner to do something about terrorism is coming from communist or Islamic groups who never let up on the phrase “white supremacy”, and he’s working with these groups all the time.

Obviously Mr Coster meant to say,

There is no place for targeting of Islamic or Maori or Pacific Islander groups, but white Europeans are fair game.

It goes further than that though. Mr Coster also made statements on how important it is to increase diversity in the Police force. Meaning he’s going to be hiring people based on race rather than merit. He sure is a man of contradictions, but hell, its all part of the new morality right? Where selecting employees on merit is racist, but selecting them on race is OK. How long can sane people endure this madness?