Woke media managers not only cowards, they’re a financial liability

While the details of Piers Morgan’s departure from Good Morning Britain are not fully known, its clear the catalyst was his criticism of Meghan Markle, a predominantly white woman perceived as black by the imbecilic woke mob.

Management were upset because there were 40,000 complaints lodged with the Stasi organisation OFCOM that governs British Broadcasting, and makes sure nothing politically “unacceptable” is said ever.

There were reportedly 1.6 million people watching the show at the time. So the complainers represent 2.5% of the audience.

In the meantime there is a petition with a quarter of a million signatures and growing for Morgan’s return. Additionally, Good Morning Britain lost 80,000 viewers the day after Piers quit – while its rival BBC Breakfast’s audience grew by 200,000.

Shares in ITV also plunged in the wake of his resignation with almost £200 million wiped off the company’s value last night.

If there was any real fiscal responsibility at ITV the managers should be sacked for such a rash decision in allowing Piers Morgan to depart. (or sacking him, whatever happened)  They won’t be though. Poorly educated and ignorant of history millennials have turned our free western societies into virtual replicas of East Germany. Companies accept their losses as apt punishment for their political transgressions. After all, its better than being sent to the gulags.