Media’s saturation coverage of Markle shows what a shallow mercenary institution it has become

Really, I don’t want to hear anything about Markle and her hostage Harry. Either I’m very much alone in this approach, or the media are very very wrong about what their audience wants.

Of course said media never misses a chance to drive wedges into our society, and harmless remarks made about the darkness of the then expected baby’s skin are not the earth shattering revelations these despicable people would tell us they are. So damn what?

That every half baked white hating communist or ardent republican is using this supposed conversation among persons unknown to attack the Royal family is unsurprising. Everything is political these days.

Once I was a firm defender of Royalty, but since Charles and other family members have started preaching so fulsomely and earnestly to us on political matters, in particular making themselves such a big part of the climate change scam, I have become indifferent. So I’m not vested in any of this Markle rubbish.

The way the media is frothing over this fake news in a desperate degenerate feeding frenzy is the real issue. Regardless of what damage they do to our societies. Pushing Critical Race Theory for all their worth. Splitting us by skin colour and encouraging us to fight among ourselves for the sake of saving their cheap worthless skins.

They’re going broke, and they’re clinging to every last opportunity to make a dollar. Die you vile degenerates, and when you’re buried I’ll come and dance on your graves.