Politicised Radio New Zealand hiding the truth

Radio New Zealand exists by means of money you and I earned being taken from our bank accounts and deposited into their bank account. This transaction is “authorised” by crooked cronyist politicians who benefit from the propaganda produced by this collection of activists, racists and hate merchants who pose as “journalists”.

Their latest offensive propaganda effort involves the recent arrests for threats issued against Islamic institutes in Christchurch. While Radio New Zealand has reported enthusiastically on the fact that a local “group” uncovered the threats, (on the 4chan forums) nowhere have they revealed that said group (Paparoa) is actually a local branch of Antifa.

If news was making headlines and the source of this news was (for example) Action Zealandia, do you think this fact would be hidden from the public by Radio NZ? Of course it would not. So why are they refusing to divulge the origins of this group? Obviously because they’re sympathetic to Paparoa, and by extension, the ideas of Paparoa.

Think about what this means. The people your earnings are supporting are sympathetic to a violent communist group whose mission is the overthrow of NZ’s pluralist democracy and the establishment of a one party communist dictatorship.

Want another example? The recent “expert” they reported as being anxious to increase surveillance of NZers is a hard leftist. Nowhere in their article did they report his political affiliations (or that he had been fired from a teaching post for bullying). Instead he was presented as an objective observer.

Radio NZ is a rats nest of political propagandists that should not in anyway be receiving taxpayer funds. It is essentially a political group engaged in far left activism. That all political parties in NZ tolerate its existence shows how badly taxpayers are done by when it come to representation.