Not all gloom and doom on the tertiary education front

Universities today are the conduits for so much Cultural Marxist poison in our societies, so short of burning the tertiary education sector to the ground and starting all over, their going broke due to lack of overseas students they foolishly depended upon is at least something positive.

University job losses (includes voluntary leaving, voluntary redundancy and forced redundancy)

  • University of Auckland – 300
  • AUT – 71
  • University of Waikato – 25 with eight more under consideration.
  • Massey University – 74
  • Victoria University of Wellington – 100 expressions of interest in voluntary redundancy
  • University of Canterbury – more than 40
  • Lincoln University – 72

On a personal level its sad to see anyone lose their job, and one hopes those laid off find other work, However considering the harm being done to our societies by anti-free speech Marxist controlled universities today, any news that suggests their influence is waning is good news. (Not to mention the CCP influence)