President Trump wants no more of “Jared’s woke shit”

Good news that President Trump has apparently at last broken politically with his son in law Jared Kushner. The liberal left Jared and Trump’s daughter Ivanka, similarly liberal, have always been a negative influence on the President. They have been behind quite a few of the ruptures that occurred in Mr Trump’s support staff, Steve Bannon being one of the most notable. Kushner recently dissuaded the President from joining Gab, as the National File reports-

Recently, Gab CEO Andrew Torba noted that Kushner, Dan Scavino, and and Brad Parscale – all alumni of President Trump’s political campaigns or administration – approached both Gab and Parler and tried to arrange to purchase some of the respective platforms in exchange for President Trump creating an account. When both Gab and Parler refused, they convinced President Trump not to join the upstart platforms.

Apparently, the Donald wants no more of “Jared’s woke shit”. Good decision. He should have made it years ago.