Left and Islam compete to turn New Zealand into East Germany or Iran

Silencing all wrong thought and speech has reached epidemic proportions in New Zealand as we race to forget the principles of govt and society that made the colonies of the British Empire the most free countries on the globe.

If it isn’t Islamic zealots calling for more regulation of speech and political expression, its the left and their media comrades calling for websites to be shut down and/or blocked. Seemingly in a race to see who can make this country a tightly controlled state of tyranny first. TV One is always ready to pander to radical Muslims, and yesterday they gave space for yet another call for increased security and surveillance of NZ citizens.

A key Muslim organisation is urging the New Zealand government to smarten up intelligence services in the wake of an online threat to attack mosques in Christchurch using car bombs.

Today they’re pandering to the totalitarian left, with a so called “expert”, really just another far left academic, calling for the website 4Chan to be more effectively blocked.

“The bans instituted by the internet providers here in New Zealand is not sufficient when it comes to extremists communicating with each other, the SIS (New Zealand Security Intelligence Service) and the GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) should take that as a “matter of priority concern”.

Islam suffered a great loss in the Christchurch attack, and they are due the sympathy of all other New Zealanders, but we should not back away from the long held principles of individual liberty that made this a safe country for refugees to come to.

Similarly, 4Chan is a site used by millions for all kinds of reasons, and it shouldn’t be blocked for a small percentage of idiots using it. The person recently arrested for threats on the forum sounds like a complete damn fool. Other users tried to dissuade him. Why block every other user?

New Zealand citizens capable of more rational thought and possessing cooler heads need to push back against those who don’t understand our culture of liberty, and also against so called experts who do indeed understand it, but want to destroy it for political gain.


  • Not sure the all encompassing Islam hate makes sense. There exists a radical wing of race supremacists, within the middle east, whom want war with Iran. The west is being manipulated to hate Islam and Muslims, in order to foment that war. To fight as proxy warriors in Asia. Iran is not Islam. Iran was Persian. Islam conquered Persia, and resentment still bubbles. War, chaos, destruction of national identity, benefits a few rich parasites. Divide and conquer.

    Several states within America, Poland and Hungary, are finding the courage to fight against censorship. The looming power of the corporate silicon valley has been noticed. The corporate nerds whom seek to rule us, will fail. The freedom of thought nested in the internet will allow reason and truth to win. NZ politicians, for the moment, are bought by corporate interests, and neglect their primal obligation to protect the people, in order to protect their donors. NZ government power has actually been turned upon its own people. Won’t last.


    • Thanks for your insights. Refugees or immigrants coming to Western Christian countries should not expect those countries to forgo established principles of their society to accommodate them. They knew who we were before they came. I think you’re wrong about it not lasting. Check Venezuela.


      • Yes Venezuela is a mess. They invented the Dominion voting system, as used in NZ. But look at Russia. It’s generations from USSR, but is now an officially Christian nation. Orthodox Christian. Their communities are actively building massive Cathedrals throughout. This is where the Western media Russia hate comes from. How dare they reject communism and become Christian. Venezuela needs time. And courage. I went to an Orthodox Christian wedding in Russia. Standing in a round church, lots of smoke and singing, sleds. Was not the Russia I was fed as a kid. I wonder if the entire Atomic bomb thing was fake, to engender a fake horror to control us.