A faint spark of courage from the National Party

A National Party MP has spoken out against the banning of Doctor Seuss books, posting a series of spirited Seuss like poems on facebook. Its rare for the Nats to push back on this kind of thing, and usually they can’t wait to add support to the stinking self righteous left wing chorus of disapproval.

Barbara Kuriger is MP for Taranaki- King Country. Good for Barbara, and may she continue to fight back against the left’s Critical Theory strategy. Few other Nats have her courage.

Barbara’s opinions are disapprovingly reported on by the sniffing Caitlin Ellis, another braindead fake newser employed by Stuff. The Nats have to learn that if they’re going to make a difference to the NZ political status quo they have to treat media and Labour as one. Both the same deep left “progressive” force that will not tolerate any unapproved speech or thought.