It was never just about Trump

So called right wing pundits in New Zealand generally opposed President Trump. These include one time National Party leader Don Brash (who wore Biden socks for a TV appearance) David Farrar, the owner of Kiwiblog, writer Matthew Hooton and broadcaster Sean Plunkett.

Supporting Biden over Trump was wrong for the political right on so many levels, but as I said in a Twitter discussion with Mr Farrar, the main reason to vote for Trump was the Democrat plan to make this the last election ever that Republicans had a fair chance of winning.

The Democrats have been taken over by the Progressive Caucus (headed by Nancy Pelosi) and this is basically the US version of Socialist International, which in turn is a group that cloaks itself in the cause of social democracy but really carries the torch for Joe Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx.

One of high priority legislative changes the Democrats are making is the For the People Act, (HR 1) and it will facilitate voter fraud if enacted as law. Alabama Republican Mo Brooks explains what this legislation is really about.

“There are dozens of provisions in this legislation that undermine the sacredness and the accuracy of the elections, and what we saw in a few places in the country in 2020 with the massive voter fraud that was occurring in those places would now become commonplace throughout the United States.

In sum, the reliability the trustworthiness of American elections under H.R. 1 would be akin to those in the old Soviet Union, or in Cuba, or in Venezuela, or North Korea. Sure, you can vote, but your vote doesn’t count.”

Breitbart journalist Marlow assessed, “It also makes a permanent Democrat majority. The Republicans would never win another election again if this gets passed.” That’s why most of NZ’s anti-Trump RW pundits were so very wrong.