Progressives at Radio NZ promoting their personal anti-Christian agendas

A friend alerted me to a Radio NZ interview with the progressive media’s favourite object of hatred, Pastor Brian Tamaki. The “interviewer” was hard leftist Lisa Owen, and she harried and harassed Tamaki through the whole interview in a totally unprofessional and personally prejudicial manner.

Lisa seemed to be projecting her own personal hurt, in that Tamaki has perceivably defied the commands of her glorious leader Jacinda Ardern by leaving Auckland late at night before the latest lockdown came into force.

The Stasi in East Germany operated with the support of the media and a huge network of informants. We should learn from that disastrous time in history and end state funded media that uses taxpayer funds to push its own political barrow. You can hear the whole horrible interview by clicking here if you want, but really, I don’t recommend it. 14 minutes of totally unprofessional garbage.