Christopher Luxon- 12 questions the media has not asked

“The Fourth Estate” is a term that acknowledges the big part media plays in democratic govt. NZ media of course plays that part fully, however its not helpful to democracy when the greater majority of so called journalists or reporters are welded to neo-Marxist or progressive political ideas.

Almost every question they ask of our politicians can be paraphrased as “why don’t you want to make govt more powerful and reduce the rights of citizens? or “why don’t you want to spend more taxpayer money on this crazy left wing scheme?”

Mr Luxon has attended at least two Microsoft CEO Summits hosted by Bill Gates. The only NZer invited to a forum of 130 “global thought leaders”, including the likes of infamous Democrat/ left wingers like Warren Buffett, Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg

They seldom if ever ask questions based on the ideas that taxes should be lowered, govt power should be reduced, and that individual liberty, increasingly under threat, should be preserved or even expanded.

Jack Tame, John Campbell, Tova O’Brien, no matter who, just do not ask questions that relate to Conservative political ideas. A stark example of how this deficiency impacts upon our democracy is the somewhat surprising rise of Christopher Luxon.

Mr Luxon has joined the National party and become its leader in a remarkably short time, and all this without ever being asked a question that Conservatives want asked. Media questions have only ever been predicated on established neo-Marxist positions.

In the faint hope that some media people (seeking self improvement) might read this article, here are twelve questions Conservatives would like asked of Mr Luxon. Ideally they should be answered in as few words as possible, as long as those words do provide an answer.

1. Given your management of Air NZ displayed a clear preference for progressive politics, why did you join the National party and not the Labour party?

2. Given mixing progressive ideology with conservative ideas is a bit like mixing oil and water, do you think the National Party should be progressive or conservative?

3. You say your favourite politician is Barack Obama. That you disliked some of his political ideas but admired his communication skills. What Obama policies did you disagree with?

4. What Obama policies did you approve of?

5. When Obama visited NZ in 2018, you were one of the few NZers he invited to an exclusive dinner in the Bay of Islands. Why did such a far left politician want to speak with you when you weren’t even in politics at the time?

6. What did you talk about at the dinner?

7. Given that you sent Air NZ executives to participate in a number of global economic and technical conferences, some organised for example by Jeffery Epstein’s good friend Bill Gates, and that you also participated in these meets yourself, do you have any regard for the global political plan advanced by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum?

8. It is said the head of Virgin Australia was very critical of your management during the troubled Air NZ merger phase. Is this true and if so, what was his main criticism?

9. What is your view on the founding principles of the National Party as set down in 1936. Given good principles should not change over time, do you think they still matter today?

10. You have said you have “little time” for Donald Trump, so who is your favourite global politician right now?

11. Do you have any concerns about Chinese Communist Party influence in NZ politics, in both Labour and National?

12. National recently combined with Labour in passing a housing bill that many commentators have said will have significant long term impact on voter demographics, to the disadvantage of the National party. Why then were you and your Deputy Nicola Willis so enthusiastic about this bill?

A keen observer of Luxon interviews would know his primary skill, and one that has obviously helped him well in his corporate career, is circumlocution*. Amazingly, the media seem quite content with this, and stand like transfixed rabbits while he waffles on, and in 95% of the cases he avoids a real answer to the question.

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said-

To use many words to communicate few thoughts is everywhere the unmistakable sign of mediocrity.

Luxon is a skilled practitioner in the art of flim flam*. The challenge for any reporter/ journalist who actually does ask any of the questions above will be getting a comprehensible and definitive answer.

*circumlocution- the use of many words where fewer would do, especially in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive.

*flim flam- deceptive nonsense


  • Circumlocution- Both Luxon and Ardern out of similar moulds…. Luxon would beat her on the economy aspects, but both full of shite 💩💩💩


  • The lux flake is Labour lite. The other side of the same coin. Or worse. Anyone with the stomach for it might watch his shit on the nation speech, on faecesbook at 10.30am on Sunday.

    My best guess is he will ignore all the critical issues facing NZ and fluff / faff about with the CPI / cost of living / exchange rate / Ukraine / housing / whatever, so long as it’s something the gNats can really do nothing about so can’t be blamed for the inexorable failure.

    Devoid of cranial hair and ideas for changes for the better for NZ.


    • Dead right. Just watched a video of Florida Governor Ron Desantis talking about masks and what a waste of time and effort they are. Such a direct and economical speaker, a light year away from the waffling Luxon.

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  • Sure enough: In my speech I’ll share more with you about my values, my background . . “

    I.e. Nothing of substance.

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  • National MPs visited MenzShed here in Chch and unfortunately they are NOT prepared to publicly condemn the racist agenda of our marxist overlords. My first question to Luxon was; “Why is it that the Nats are not publicly rejecting the plan for Co Governance with Maori despite the fact that they make up less than 15% of our population?”
    Luxon stated, “We are making our position clear as evidenced by our various press releases and statements over recent months. We will address the problems once we are in power.”
    I then opined that it will be too late by then as the constant stealthy push to overthrow our nation will be all but a fait a complis’
    Luxon then asked me if I was involved with those fringe groups represented by Hobsons Choice (Pledge?) and Muriel Newmans NZCPR and I should be aware that those views are only shared by less than 8 – 9 % of the voting public.

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    • Fiona- that is exactly what I would expect him to say. One of his major management projects at Air NZ was the “Maorification” of the brand. (Sent his employees for compulsory Maori language lessons.) Suddenly he’s changed his mind on that? I doubt it. Saw him on Newshub this morning and he had a good chance to repudiate it but as usual danced around the issue.

      The logical flaw in his comment about the voting public is that polls will not change if contrary ideas are not being voiced. Luxon as leader has to make the argument and persuade voters to follow him. Not take polls on citizens only exposed to a single idea and then modify his position to suit those polls. That’s how Key did it, and its the coward’s way.

      Ron DeSantis in Florida and Glenn Youngkin in Virginia are examples of politicians who won elections by making the electorate care about real policies, and then voicing their positions on those policies. Luxon should do this, but given his apparent lack of conviction, its doubtful he can. Instead he’ll be led by the nose by Labour.

      Good on you for going to the meeting and voicing your opinion. Everyone has to do this. Need more real NZers and fewer mush brained TV One watching morons.

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      • You’re right, Red. Absolutely on DeSantis. Youngkin is a slightly different animal. At the beginning of his campaign he ran as a run-of-the-mill Chamber of Commerce moderate Republican. His transformation is proof of what can happen when Conservatives get involved. First, parents began a revolution over CRT in schools. Then, a boy pretending to be a girl raped a girl in the girls’ toilets at school. The school board covered it up and transferred the boy to a new school where … he did it again.

        Both of these issues were amplified by the Daily Wire – including Matt Walsh taking a lease on an apartment in Virginia so he could be a resident and speak at council and school board meetings. The massive publicity forced Youngkin to take up both issues and he was able to arbitrage parents’ outrage into electoral success.

        We may – or may not – have a similar opportunity here. We have the maorification of everything, we have the world’s most extreme abortion law, we have 120 Anointed who rule over us, who have proven they have absolute contempt for those over whom they rule.

        What we don’t have, is coalescence. I believe we have time for the disparate groups to align and send home many of the current 120, replacing them with people who understand how the relationship between ciitizen and government is supposed to be balanced. But those groups will need to choke down some dead rats, swallow some egos and work together. The wildcard is the Great Reset; are they too far along for us to turn them back?


  • With a well-founded new party with the right firm ideals the Nats. will have to join Labour to make a govt after the next election. They are so far down the rabbit hole they will do that. Luxflakes needs decent competition in his electorate but being top slag he will go back on a list vote. By the way, where is Finlayson . He has not stood up for anything this time around. He and Key managed to give away a lot of rights.


  • Good and fair questions Red

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  • I was sent this yesterday: “A friend was able to talk for 10 minutes with Luxon and Brownlee today, and put specific questions to them about maori co-governance under He Puapua and the maori having final total say in everything due to the veto that they have over all of us, but we do not have the equivalent at all. In other words, total apartheid.
    Their response is that they attach NO IMPORTANCE AT ALL to this and will allow it to proceed, that only a mere 8 – 9%^of the voting public see it as a threat, so it can be totally ignored – they will worry only about the cost of living.
    Luxon has already made it clear that he favours a tougher approach to compulsory jabbing and the removal of all benefits to people who are not jabbed, including mothers who have unjabbed CHILDREN.
    Another friend attended a meeting with Chris Bishop, who spoke in Papakura this morning. He made it clear that National had absolutely no interest at all in maori governance and believes that maori have full justification for special status and claims. Cannot see any real threat in He Puapua.
    IT IS CLEAR THAT A VOTE FOR NATIONAL IS A VOTE FOR THE CONTINUATION OF THE ARDERN REGIME. ANYONE WHO SUPPPORTS NATIONAL OR VOTES FOR THEM IN THE NEXT ELECTION IS A LABOUR/ MAORI PARTY / DIVISIVE APARTHEID SUPPORTER. I was a very active National Party worker for 60 years, so to see what has happened to the Party is very upsetting and frustrating, but I will do all in my power to keep them (and Labour/Maori/Greens) out of the next government.
    The ONLY party that has openly spoken out against this treasonous bunch in now has been David Seymour of ACT. Winston Peters is waiting in the wings, but as usual he is saying nothing to define what side he is on to the public at large.”


    • He’s actually right, that “… a mere 8 – 9%^of the voting public see it as a threat…”. And that will continue so long as they fail to articulate the inevitable outcome. People will wake up only when it is too late.

      At the next election – assuming of course there *is* a next election, and assuming voting means anything at all (which is increasingly doubtful) – anyone who votes for team blue, red, green. yellow, brown, or black is participating in their own subjugation.

      And as for Chris Bishop, he’s Luxon’s Steven Joyce. A svengali pulling strings behind a curtain. A devious and dangerous ‘man’, truly a danger to our nation.


      • Too many stupid people watching Tv1/3 news, reading “Stuff”and “NZME” propaganda, paid for by taxpayers, under editorial conrol of Ardern and her acolytes. When we have an opposition not challenging this blatant politicking at our expense it is not hard to see that we are really on a woke/communnist downhill slope.


  • Nailed it again, my friend. Luxon’s rise mirrors almost exactly that of his predecessor Key. Plucked from the corporate world and given a safe place in the National hierarchy. A meteoric rise to the leadership at a time when a Labour Party Crime Minister is becoming increasingly unpopular. Policies that so closely mirror those of Labour that when the change of government comes, nobody will see any difference at all, and the crumbling of our society will continue.

    It’s almost as though it’s part of a grand plan to deceive citizens into believing they have a choice over who governs them, when in reality it matters not at all, so long as the plan continues apace.


  • Salacious Crumb

    Another great piece Red. I have been really enjoying your commentaries on our the parlors state of this country and its leaders. Regarding Luxon, although no fan of his in the slightest, I did note that finally an opposition politician uttered the “S word” when referring to the tyrant and her cabal. We need to hear more of this as socialism should be painted as the evil that it most definitely is. Shout it from the roof tops Luxon! Credit where it’s due and I hope the National party become more emboldened in the use of this apt descriptor.