Wellington protest- a report from the front line (guest post)

A friend of mine is at the Wellington protests. She wrote this article to describe the reality of life within the protest area, and to counter the unending lies of the MSM.

I’ll admit, I had no idea what to expect as I packed my car and set off, leaving my father in charge of everything at home.

I alternated between crying and laughing, as we headed south. People made signs and stood on motorway overpasses. Others stood outside their homes or place of business, all waving and cheering. To see the support and feel the love as we drove down was both humbling and heart warming.

Encouragement from an overpass

It was pretty clear that for every person in the convoy there were several working behind the scenes, as thousands of New Zealanders did their bit to make the convoy a success.

At parliament an incredible group of local volunteers are producing 1000s of meals per day for us in what is no-doubt a massive and complex undertaking. These guys and gals ensure the protest can endure and we are so thankful for their support.

One of the most amazing things (I constantly talk to people about this and they all agree) is the incredible sense of community here. There is no signage reminding or exhorting us to “be kind”. People just live it!

The area occupied by the protesters is huge

Here’s an example: A few days ago I mentioned to my young neighbour (of paper scissors rock fame) that I had a rather nasty headache. A packet of Panadol was immediately proffered.

Later that day the 2 English guys who are camped a few ‘doors’ away came to check on me as they’d not seen me roaming around like I normally would. Another camper went to get me some dinner so I could continue resting. Someone else came and walked my dog.

The entrance to the protest village has a welcoming banner

I’ve not once locked my car, even while sleeping. The entire camp feels both safe and welcoming. And that’s with people from all walks of life living in very (and I mean *very*) close quarters. I don’t mind admitting for this non-camping Dame, the whole experience is both surreal and cool.

It reminds me of the NZ I grew up in. The NZ I’d like my grandkids to grow up in.

Something I absolutely LOVE is that everyone has a big smile on their face. And you can see it! (There’s not a lot of mask use here, as you’d expect.) The only time things feel unsafe or worrying is when cops in riot gear show up en masse.

Ardern may like to say we are a fringe group not representative of NZ but the level of support I’m seeing suggests she is simply out of touch. The protest has attracted a broad range of people with varying interests, views and concerns. The overwhelming theme, though? Peacefully protesting for the removal of unkind, illogical and pointless mandates.

This is just a part of the huge food storage and preparation area

I have noticed msm have reported on a lack of clear leadership here (that they can see – they don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes however!). I can’t help but wonder if those wanting us to give up and go away are more than a little vexed at seeing efficient and effective systems rapidly established to ensure the smooth running of what’s become known as “Freedom Village.”

Something else that has absolutely staggered me is the generosity of total strangers – people who say they can’t be here but want to support us. It’s these unsung heroes who also ensure we can continue to #holdtheline down here.

I understand there have been MSM “reports” of squalid conditions, unsafe environs and – perish the thought – kids playing in mud. And just this week several media outlets ran stories with headlines such as: “rubbish piled high on the street”. Sounds kinda gross, eh.

An accurate headline however would read: “Rubbish bags are neatly stacked, ready to be taken to the tip”. Heck the spin-off even had a landfill happening onsite. I presume they meant our recycle centre? Obviously they want you to picture a dirty, unsanitary and unsafe environment. And will cheerfully lie to ensure that you do so.

As for our kids playing in “faeces and mud”. All I’ve observed is happy kids busy being kids. Mallard’s insanely expensive slide is finally being well utilised! There’s not a device in hand. Instead, shrieks of laughter can be heard as kids run and play, safely supervised by a roster of parents. Sure there was mud that first weekend. That’s what happens when there’s a cyclone smashing Wellington and the speaker of the (nut) house puts the sprinklers on for 16 hours.

Doesn’t mean our kids are playing in faeces as was “reported”. That was 100% a lie.

Social media is constantly awash with faux horror at the notion of the great unwashed in such close confines. And I’ll admit, “sanitation” did weigh on my mind prior to coming down! However there is a plethora of portaloos, emptied thrice daily.

And get this: Wellingtonians have opened their homes for protesters to relax, have a shower and regroup! These kind souls collect we, the great unwashed, then return us a while later, sparkling clean and raring to go again.

Neighbour plays paper scissors rock with Police. If they lose, they have to take a step back.

So while media may tell you how angry Wellingtonians are and that they want us to leave, my interactions certainly indicate otherwise. And many others here would say the same.

I’ve met locals who catch trains in each day from the Kapiti coast or the Hutt Valley. (There is even one gentleman who travels down as often as he can from Palmy.) Most come armed with home baking and treats to share.  And when I talk to them, the overwhelming theme is that they just want to show their support for us, and they agree: The mandates need to go.

Another example of local support: after the cyclone, we had a vast quantity of wet laundry. Imagine my surprise and delight, when an inner city (total stranger) Wellingtonian contacted me via social media and took away a car load of wet clothes and bedding. He returned it all a few hours later washed, dried, folded AND paid-for (we offered to pay, but he refused) along with an offer to repeat anytime.

That same week, hardware stores ran out of camping equipment as locals bought us 100s of rain coats, tarpaulins, tents, ropes, blankets, tie downs, gazebos by the dozen, and much more. If Wellingtonians want us gone / loathe us so much how does MSM explain the epic levels of support?

I could go on.. and on… and on…! Because there are so many wonderful things happening around me at any given time that this has been quite a challenge to write, but you probably get the picture.

Sure there are a few agitators / extremists but there is mostly a mature determination shown by the protesters as well as widespread, tangible ‘grass roots’ support for the protest itself.

Just imagine if MSM reported facts from both sides so you could decide for yourself?

So there you have it. The front line protesters and the people maintaining order and running the camp so well are all heroes. We who value liberty but cannot be there owe them a massive debt for their brave and persistent efforts (in the face of a maniacally opposed media) to persuade Ardern’s tyrannical govt to drop the mandates.


  • This article really infuriates me, as it would make a good lead news story in MSM. But no, Ardern is having everything subbed, so as to fit her pre-defined editorial policy. And we (taxpayers) are paying for this daily circulated litany of lies and deception. May these activists, I call them great bunch of New Zealanders, bring down this disgusting communist-drriven government, especiallly Ardern!

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  • I’ve come to the conclusion that if you take the opposite view on any story the enemedia spin your pretty much guaranteed to be on the money.

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  • Lovely overview, thank you for being there and keeping those of us whow value the truth, properly informed. forwarded the first press release from the freedom-seekers to the government, to all and sundry. Most didn’t respond to it, but one ex-friend sent me a terse “stop sending me that s***” reply. I DID go back to her but wont detail it here, but our cmmunications have now ceased. Honestly, so many are just not interested in anything other than what the govt propaganda machine feeds them. It’s truly worrying. And now, as a direct absolute slap in the face to those of us against mandates of any kind, the Witch of Wellington opens up international travel to every New Zealander except the unjabbed. The timing is cynical and hateful.

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    • See NZME (NZ Herald and NewstalkZB) airhead Katrina Bennett has written another nasty opinion piece on the protest. Her article is a classic example of the rank ignorance and bigotry that typifies the NZ media, and of course the “opinion” part (in political terms) is fully on the side of the Ardern govt. It tells us all we need to know about Katrina.

      The Herald has been running Katrina’s biased “opinion” pieces with embarrassing regularity ever since the protest started. NZ media gives far too much space to opinion, at the expense of objective reporting. Even their so called news items are full of it. What’s worse is that the opinion is 98% from the “progressive” left side of the political spectrum.

      A person holding such politically partisan views as Katrina could never, even with the best of intentions, report objectively on the protest, and when the author is “Head of Wellington news”, what does it say about the whole organisation? (Check out her “career” on Linkedin and see what little it takes to rise to a “Head of News” position in the NZ media.)

      Katrina’s piece is just so typical. It proves once again the so called media in NZ is just an infestation of politically partisan frauds, hired not for their journalistic skills but because they all think the same. Photo of the glamorous wise and worldly Katrina below.

      Katrina Bennet, Head of News, NZME Wellington

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  • After witnessing the equivalent of a drone strike on the protestors, we should feel some relief. The globalist beast known as NZ government knows it is illegitimate, and has resorted to violence, to deal with protestors. It will only get worse. The lies don’t work. More drone strikes will be necessary to govern. They will become addicted to totalitarian violence to deal with the population whom does not meekly comply to government propaganda. They are illegitimate representatives of the people.

    At the same time, the blinkers have been lifted from many Kiwi eyes. First question to ask: do you espouse the principles of the Globalist Elite, WEF? Yes? You are Electoral poison.

    Lest We Forget

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