Unending stream of lies from Ardern and her media acolytes

Its gone far too far. New Zealand is meant to be a developed pluralist democracy, but it is looking more like some tin pot dictatorship every day. A banana republic with a corrupt media groveling to a gross and shamelessly deceitful leader. A circumstance such as you might find in the deep reaches of Africa fifty years ago.

The protest has been a massive embarrassment to Ardern and its typical of her party’s inability to deal with even the most simple tasks of govt that she should choose propaganda and lies over negotiation. The aims of the protesters have been adopted by the UK and other countries, so why can’t the same be done in New Zealand? Why can’t this even be negotiated?

Instead, Ardern has enlisted her bought media army and used them to embark upon an outrageously dishonest campaign to discredit the protestors. Describing them as “white supremacists, far rightists, and Trumpists”. All lies. Lies that most of the outrageously cowardly and fake media have faithfully repeated.

A poll taken of the political views of the protesters by David Farrar’s polling company shows they represent a cross section of the country, with the largest proportion being Labour-green party voters.

Recent minor incidents at the protest have been beaten up by the media, and seized upon by Ardern as justification for harsh measures by police. She is itching to unleash the kind of violence and draconian measures taken by her evil Canadian twin Justin Castro Trudeau. Ardern and her coterie of boot licking fake newsers have been screaming for it since day one.

Fake newsers today (Tuesday) claim a car was driven into police (it wasn’t), that police had faeces thrown on them (not proved, no video, latest accounts suggest it “may” have been a bottle of urine) and that acid was thrown in the eyes of police. Just not credible when acid would undoubtedly lead to serious eye damage, and there have been no such reports to indicate this outcome.


The grossly distorted media campaign has smoke screened the truth that the overall tone of the protest has been peaceful and non-violent. In the video above, an organiser leads the crowd in a show of respect for the police in attendance.

Matt King, an ex-National party MP who had to resign from the weak dithering and impotent Luxon National party so he could attend the protest, spoke today and said that there were actually many police who were part of it. Including one policeman who had driven the length of the North Island to work at the encampment preparing meals for the crowd.

Farmers delivering hay to help dry out the ground after Mallard turned sprinklers on. These are the people Ardern’s govt ministers called “feral” and a “river of filth”

If the owners of NZ media had one milligram of integrity, they would understand that the money they have received from the Ardern govt came out of the pockets of every New Zealander, including those at the Wellington protest. Their receipt of this money should be a binding moral contract for objective reporting rather than Venezuelan/ Chavez style suck up propaganda.

They’re not being objective. They’re lying, and they’re propagandising, and their denial of truth and reason is doing irreparable harm to the country and to our democracy.

It is not the protesters who have to stop and go home. Its Ardern and her boot-licking media soldiers who have to back off. They’re taking this country on a trajectory close to that of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or Chavez’s Venezuela, and who the hell in their right mind would want to end up there?

There are unconfirmed reports that Matt King is starting a new political party. If so he should kick it off by stating that one of his first aims will be to stop every last cent of public money the Orwellian Animal Farm pigs of the NZ media are feeding on. Whether it is received as part of the Public Interest Journalism Fund, or Creative NZ, or advertising, or govt shareholding, or any other means, it all has to be stopped. They need to drown in their own stinking sewer.

(Telling you Matt, the corrupt media will hate it, but it will be a big vote winner, especially with those who have witnessed the disgraceful dishonest charade being played out in NZ today)


  • It’s a disgrace !
    The Marxist puppet has to go !

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  • Once again and more than ever RedBaiter is 100% with his truisms


    • Thanks for the kind words.

      Its hard for some people to believe I know, but what we are seeing with all of the bad news on the Wellington protests is a concerted and combined effort by the left to discredit it in the eyes of the general public. NZ’s ANTIFA have been working towards this objective since day one. They have infiltrated the protest, and they are working with affiliated media and academia to destroy it.

      Jacinda Ardern not only knows this psyop is going on but is at the head of it, using her position as PM to help. An appalling circumstance, and it is even worse that our media is so utterly corrupt that not one journalist is prepared to speak out and expose this operation.

      The bulk of the protesters are good people trying to make a valid point, and they are being attacked and vilified by the so called leaders of our society working with the worst of our society, and it shows just where NZ is at today that such an inversion of reality can be engineered.


  • The “acid attack”. Red did you see the numerous videos that emerged of yesterdays scuffle?
    It clearly shows at least one cop get pepper sprayed to the eyes by a big bald cop.
    The bald dude had crap aim and was spraying from a distance, you can easily see him get the younger cop on the front line with the sheild who then retreats rubbing his eyes then another officer comes to his aid.

    I suspect this will be the true cause of the “attack” and the unkown substance is actually pepper spray. Disgusting police behaviour to blame the protesters esp when they know the true cause and secondly the police instigated the whole thing by coming in hot.

    Has the driver been proven to be a protester? To me it looked like an inatentive muppet but couldve easily been a pissed off local.
    Our filth media just associate anything bad as being to do with protesters then over sensationalize it.
    Now theres media rumours of sexual assaults etc, its all just an effort to assist ardern in delegitimizing the movement.


    • Media are doing what Ardern orders, she holding the purse strings (our money), to control editorial policy and narrative. As you say, “Media Filth”, and that is possibly an understatement. This protest is against Ardern, her ideology, and her acolytes. We want them gone . . . NOW!

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    • Ash- I just do not believe one single word the media broadcast because since the Trump election they have demonstrated their untrustworthiness to us every day. They have shown us time and time again that they’re just a collection of inveterate liars far more interested in pushing progressive politics down everyone’s throat rather than reporting truth.

      Your view on the pepper spray seems far more plausible than the unsubstantiated “acid” allegations. It has to be the case. As for the sexual assault allegations, here’s a graphic being seen on Gab. Such vileness. Destroying a country’s moral compass is a big part of dragging it leftwards.

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  • This would be a great place to start, no doubt, but maybe all that is really needed, is something rather simple.. A party that has only one goal, a goal to implement a constitution or electoral reform. Once in place party dislovles and fresh elections occur. That pie graph just confirms how difficult it would be to build a political party from this issue.


  • Well stuff would be on sale in a $2 shop, so there’s that.


  • Having been in the enemedia I know for a fact that not one so called journalist I’ve spoken to had any empathy for small business. They all got paid 80 to 100% during the lockdowns so they have no idea what the salt of the earth people of nz are going through. Zero nothing and worst of all they don’t give a shit.
    I bet they would sing a different tune had they actually had to feel some pain, but they never did. Notice the VFF interview they did with Newsroom was funded by the bribe Adern handed out, how is this considered public interest journalism?? It was just regular news that they were reporting nothing special.


  • The Media in New Zealand today are Just Socialists Propaganda Machines that needs a massive Clean out from the top to the bottom