Its over- the left have won

So many words, and falling mostly on deaf ears. Not just this blog, but many others have been warning for years and years and years about what will happen if NZ does not change its communist trajectory.

The trick to life is to always try and see things as they really are. To filter out feelings and distractions, to squint through the fog of subjective perceptions and see the reality. If you see things as they really are in New Zealand today, one has to admit that the country is in the grip of a powerful tyranny that will be long lasting because escape has become impossible.

We kept saying if we don’t do this, or that, or the other thing, then tyranny will come upon us. We didn’t do it, and tyranny now has us firmly in its grip.

One of Lenin’s most powerful statements ever. Few in the West today have ever heard it. Most of our youth have no idea who Lenin was, at the same time as they rush to do his bidding.

Worse, its not just NZ. Almost every other western nation has fallen prey to the same outcome and is now led by communists, (who pose as centrists). America has Biden. Canada has Trudeau. New Zealand has Ardern. All committed to the teachings of Karl Marx and using the methods of Saul Alinsky to surreptitiously further the cause.

Then we have the weak imposters like Scott Morrison in Australia and Boris Johnson in the UK who we elect as a brake on the expansion of the state, but they betray us and do exactly as the left would do, and merely pave the road to further loss of individual liberty and greater government power.

The left’s long march has yielded the expected results, and they now control all of our institutions. It started with their infiltration of our education system, our universities and schools, and ended with them owning everything.

Every organ of govt and many (if not most) of our corporations are now merely tools for the expansion of left wing power at the expense of liberty.

There is today no escape from this tyranny, at least not through democratic means. That escape channel has been sealed fast. So we must see the reality, and that is that we are facing a dystopian outcome that will last for decades, possibly even a century or more.

One thing we have to do is act upon lessons learned. Most of the parties we voted for in the belief they would stop this outcome have betrayed us. The NZ National Party has in its founding principles a stated opposition to communism and or socialism, yet it is now dominated by MPs who can barely be distinguished from Labour MPs.

In an act characteristic of National’s betrayal of its founding principles, today on Kiwiblog long term National party stalwart David Farrar (in a complete denial of where we really are) has published a sickening post calling for a mutual love in among members of the ruling communist elite. (when he should have been writing in support of the brave South African cricketer Quinton de Kock’s stand against the institutionalised racism and tyranny of the BLM group and its supporters)

Lenin, when building the Soviet Union, stated that “communism must be built with non-communist hands”. This was an acknowledgement that men do not embrace slavery, but need to be tricked into submitting to it.

August Landmesser ran afoul of the Nazi Party over his unlawful relationship with a Jewish woman. Later he was imprisoned for “racial infamy” and drafted into penal military service, where he was killed in action. Like fellow tyrant Stalin, Hitler was only supported by a relatively small percentage of the population, but suppressed dissent through fear.

And so the West has been tricked with (in NZ) the currently worthless National Party working for the left in most cases without being aware. For decades they have been nothing but enablers and deceivers, and now they must be destroyed for their betrayal and the false hopes they projected. Party founder Sid Holland would be disgusted by the shambling spineless left wing zombies who inhabit his party today.

So must the Conservatives in the UK be destroyed, and the Republicans in the USA, and a new force has to arise from the ashes of our western societies that is realising of the damage done. A force made up of people who know who destroyed us and how it was done, and are committed to such an evil disaster never occurring again.

It will likely be some decades before this force can muster a presence, so batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst. You think its bad now, its paradise to what is coming.


  • Welcome back – we have missed you.


  • I’ve had enough of this grossly incompetent coalition of power crazed fools. Everything they have touched has turned to shiot (even their own governance). Failure on all fronts. They wont do the honorable thing and fall on their sword so they must die of a thousand cuts and be convincingly removed at the next election. Citizens of New Zealand are now well and truly fired up to action. Keep the pressure on the throat of this government in whatever way you can. Email and write to PM and your MP voicing your extreme opposition to the governments policies you feel effected by. Make an appointment with your MP and with respect, get in his/her face. Your Country needs You. Boy am I angry.


  • Where have u been Red I think ure right

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  • Sad but true.

    On Wed, 27 Oct 2021 at 14:15, THE REDBAITER on Gab wrote:

    > Redbaiter posted: “So many words, and falling mostly on deaf ears. Not > just this blog, but many others have been warning for years and years and > years about what will happen if NZ does not change its communist > trajectory. The trick to life is to always try and see things” >


  • It’s a bit like you’re a germ spreader if you have the wrong ideas, so they team up to eliminate you. I used to go in and swing my sword on RNZ Facebook, Spinoff, Twitter, Trademe Message board, Kiwiblog.
    Progressives are joined at the hip over immigration. Look how happy they are to change urban limits. Just look at any program with Professor Paul Spoonley in it to see which way this country is going to go.
    On Q&A – Grimes says NZ used to be boring and look at the size of Japan and UK (Spoonley there agreeing). On the other hand
    Pakeha will loose hegemony


  • Welcome back….I could not agree with you more…..New Zealand is on a path of destruction, rapidly taken there by a group of people that have socialism/communism in their sights and will not stop for anyone or thing….
    It is in lockstep with the rest of the Western World as you have stated and is on a current trajectory of divide of society, apartheid, property takeover, economic destruction and a total crushing of capitalism…..


  • On most days I agree with you, 100%.

    On others I wonder if Mrs Gantt doesn’t put something in my coffee to make me overly-optimistic. I remember that a thing will continue, until it can’t. At some point, their ludicrous plans and policies and tyrannies and theft and division will have to end, because it won’t be able to continue. It took the enemy 70 years to get to this point, we have to expect it will take just as long to return to normalcy once the inflection point is reached. Either that, or we’re in for another thousand years of darkness.

    And then, Princess Cindy makes another ludicrous pronouncement from the Podium of Truth and the darkness returns.

    I hope you don’t leave the scene, Red. You’re a warrior and your writing is stronger and more coherent than almost anyone else around. You’ve been inspiring me for almost two decades, and I can only say the discourse will be all the worse should you choose to leave it.

    In the event you are leaving, then my thanks for the conversations, the inspiration, the challenge. I’m a stronger thinker for having met you.


  • It’s hard to know how long it will take to implode, we could face many many dark days or like the Berlin wall it dropped like a stone almost over night. And that was one huge stone. It’s slow but I notice more people every day questioning the sanity of this government. I have a point now with every stranger I meet to broach the subject of masks, Adern and incompetence. Most agree. And yes I’m glad your back on deck wr were sorely missed.