Tova O’Brien still hurting from David Seymour’s spanking

The days are long gone when we expect impartiality and objectivity from New Zealand’s media. In fact anyone who alleged they were capable of these key aspects of journalism would either be laughed out of town or locked in an insane asylum. Today on Twitter, (see below) Newshub’s Tova O’Brien did a little bit extra to prove just what group think left wing morons most NZ journalists are.


Twitter is a left wing sewer. Especially after Jacinda convinced Jack Dorsey to purge it of all the effective anti-Labour users. Nowadays, except for small accounts, only a few “approved” users exist to the center right of the NZ political spectrum. So its not surprising that whenever the media report on Twitter being “outraged” its usually some perceived non-left politician who is the target.

Today ACT party leader David Seymour posted on the issue of Maori being provided with a special code that gives them vaccination priority over all other New Zealand citizens. Twitter was immediately flooded with posts from the reliably outraged left, those gentle citizens who are “offended” by hate speech and threats of violence. Look at how many times the tweet below was liked or re-tweeted, by so many prominent NZ academics and media people.

The issue is such a rancid example of just who the left are in New Zealand, that we’ll leave it there.

Except that Ms O’Brien’s obvious dislike for Mr Seymour and her rush to join in the thug-like beat down is almost certainly a result of her recent interview where he made her look like the average performer she really is.

Ms O’Brien was stymied completely by for once having to interview an articulate politician with some degree of intelligence. It shows she only looks good on occasions because her colleagues are so bad, or her interviewees are so intellectually dull.

In her interview with Mr Seymour she blustered and flustered like a rank amateur as he constantly pulled her up on inaccuracies and poorly framed questions. Here is the interview. See for yourself. Its why she so readily joined in the Seymour beat down. Hell hath no fury like a lefty media woman humiliated.



  • Tova O’Brien was made to look like an immature schoolgirl by David!


    • This is the same crowd of hate driven lefty bigots and ignorami who engineered the Simon Bridges pile on last year. Like mugs, the Nats fell for it, mistaking the wittering of twitter thugs for the voice of real NZ. Lets hope ACT doesn’t make the same mistake and stays strong.

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  • Cockwomble? Never heard that terminology before. Assume Tova hears it a lot around the leftie company she keeps. Or perhaps its what she calls her partner each morning before work because she’s such a horrible, angry little nobody who has to scrape the shit at the bottom of the barrel each day for a living.

    David just chewed her up & spat her out. She only thinks shes good – but isn’t. Not by a long shot.

    The thing I found amusing is that the message to maori had to have the maori word ‘waka’ translated back into the English ‘meaning’ of vehicle! FFS, you have to wonder about this country sometimes…..

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    • This so-called jounalist elucidates the scum that have infiltrated and destroyed what was once a respected proud profession. When taxpayers’ money runs out (and it is very close) to buy favourable media, these types will come knocking on doors chasing PR positions . . . I know one firm where they will not even get an interview.

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  • How do these people make it out the front door in the morning without a diaper change?