Lame Tame, NZ’s one man version of CNN

The worst thing about the virtually blanket left wing orientation of the New Zealand media is that we who are not afflicted with the blindness of that ideology never see questions asked from the perspective we’re interested in.

A perfect example was Jack Tame’s interview with Judith Collins this morning where every question was sourced from a Labour party talking point. One could be forgiven for thinking that Mr Tame’s earpiece had a direct connection to Prime Minister Ardern. Or one of her numerous press officers.

This was especially so in the segment dealing with the LynnMall terrorist, where Mr Tame queried the idea of potential terrorists being deported by asking in his typically whiny way-

“would deporting known extremists to poorer countries where there are fewer resources that could be dedicated to monitoring them, is this the right thing to do, is this consistent with being a good global citizen?”

Ms Collins gave a good answer to this idiotic question by pointing out that the NZ govt’s primary responsibility is to keep its own citizens safe. She also thought NZ had been lax in the past in who it had allowed into this country as refugees or otherwise, which is again perfectly correct.

She stated that when refugees or other entrants were given residency there was an implied loyalty to NZ in that residency, and if they breached that loyalty they should be deported as soon as possible. Another excellent idea. Its easy to think of many so called refugees who were allowed in under questionable circumstances and who daily betray this country for radical global left wing groups.

Such people are also given citizenship far too easily. We have enough treasonous global leftists born here without inviting the bastards in.

Ms Collins has to be guarded about what she says because the far left liberals who have infiltrated the once conservative National party will stab her in the back in an instant if she steps out of line, so it was gutsy of her to express opinions so abrasive to the ruling class.

Video- Left wing pundit Jack Tame flogs Labour party talking points to death in an interview with Judith Collins

Mr Bishop Mr Luxon, and Ms Willis and Ms Stanford, the bunch of lefties who engineered and backed Todd Muller’s disastrous leadership venture, never get asked any questions from a right wing perspective because there’s just no one remaining in the NZ media who thinks in a way that would allow the framing of such questions.

Instead all we see, as in Ms Stanford’s appearance on a similar show a couple of weeks ago, is a willingness to lean sharply to the left the instant they feel any pressure from show hosts. It was refreshing to see Ms Collins refusing to engage in this kind of immediate surrender.

On the other hand, the left must have threatened Judith with a rebellion if she continued to fight the cultural war, because she seems to be a lot less interested lately, and the “Demand The Debate” slogan also appears to have been shelved. Pity. For a moment there it appeared the Nats had grown a collective spine. Should have known better than to think such nonsense.


  • Is Tame sounded like “lame,” perhaps?


  • Lame Tame indeed. Watch Jack closely – its not his question as he would know it off by heart & look at the camera when he projected it to JC! No, its been submitted to him by the Dictators Spin Meisters which is why he is mostly reading it with his head down. Its a pity that you RED, along with a bunch of other NZ blog contributors like Karl du Fresne, the BBH et all, couldn’t start a NZ TV ‘real news’ channel – a NZ Fox News. That would seriously put the shits up the current traitor mob we currently have to endure.


  • II would question your referring to Tame as a man. He being nothing but a slithering taxpayer-finded messenger of socialist pro-Ardern crap.

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  • Well said will be a cold day in hell before aotearoa is spoken in my house

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  • Remember when TVNZ sent tame newsreader to be a US correspondent, he barely left NYC to do any reporting. It’s all fake, with the depth of shallow puddle. His role is not that of a journalist. It is to keep the grannies happy and act as a fluffer for TVNZ to receive advertising dollars. You would achieve better news curation by putting stories in a blender and pulling them out at random.

    On the terrorist residency issue, the primary question is one for the public service.
    Supposedly they receive remuneration based on private sector equivalent. Problem is there is no accountability for performance as is required in the private sector. They had 10 years to get that guy out. But who cares, there are no repercussions for abject failure.

    A proper system would say fine come here to study on student visa. The second you pull out of your course, you have 90 days grace period to enrol in new course or leave the country. It should also be explicit on such visas that by applying for the visa you forfeit the right to make an asylum claim and will be deported, otherwise it becomes an open door mechanism for abuse. If you want to claim asylum, then openly claim asylum.