Seven Sharp propagandists use small kids to sell their political message

Labour are determined to fashion New Zealand’s political debate. The left and their media soldiers want us to talk about only those things they deem as worthy of discussion. What this is in actuality is an instruction. They are saying “Shut up! We will tell you what is important”.

TV One is Labour’s most effective propaganda outlet, and while the news at six is where most of the lies and distractions are manifested, the follow up show Seven Sharp is there as backup.

Right now the left are adamant that we’re silly to care about changing the name of our country. They want it to happen, so the strategy they have developed is to force all govt controlled entities to use Aotearoa rather than New Zealand. Secondary to that strategy, they have funded the mainstream media to the tune of $55 million, but only on the condition they also follow this pattern.

So in New Zealand today we have the majority of the population using New Zealand, and the corrupt media and all govt departments using Aotearoa.

A recent Newshub poll showed overwhelming opposition to the name change

The National Party has listened to complaints from New Zealanders on this issue, and is mounting a campaign to challenge Labour’s massive propaganda onslaught. Naturally the govt’s propaganda forces have moved up a gear to counter National’s move, and last night Seven Sharp outright lied about what was happening.

These overpaid apparatchiks smugly claimed Aotearoa was “becoming more common” when in fact polls have shown the change is deeply resented by a huge majority of the population. They even implied a referendum had been called due to support for the change, when in fact the call for a referendum was made by those opposed.

They then delivered the expected totally biased and fact challenged analysis favouring the change. All the while making out it was an objective report. Finally, in the most disgraceful part, they went on to use small children in the most reprehensible manner to reinforce this misrepresentation by asking them what name they preferred. After a “brief history lesson” (of course) the kids gave their views.

Surprise surprise. Not one of the seven innocents voted for New Zealand. One of them said she had voted for Aotearoa because “Maori is a beautiful language”. A university professor says there will be no debate.

This was appalling on two fronts. One in that the taxpayer funded* Seven Sharp was used so blatantly as a political propaganda vehicle, and the other in that the children were so obviously brainwashed into their views. The whole broadcast was designed to project the lie that this is all happening freely and voluntarily, and the public support it,  when in fact the opposite is the truth.

However, appalled as we may be, there seems little to be done about this state of affairs. Propaganda and brainwashing of children are always a major strategy of left wing govts, and Jacinda Ardern’s lot have excelled at it. They will go on doing it for at least another two years, and maybe even longer if the New Zealand voters, so deeply asleep at the wheel, allow them to.

*Although Seven Sharp receives private advertising/ sponsorship it is produced by TVNZ which is heavily subsidised by govt advertising and protected from losses by taxpayer funding. Most of the shows that TVNZ uses to draw viewers (for advertising) are produced by taxpayer funded production houses.


  • I also saw that piece of propaganda, using children like that is disgusting. The ODT also got stuck into Judith Collins this week in their editorial, writing as if the Aotearoa issue is a figment of Judith’s imagination. Strange how various media all starting the using the name Tamaki Makaurau on the same day several months ago and it seems the name Auckland has been pretty much dumped by the media since. They are obviously acting on instructions from the Government.


  • Told you, public opinion on this is running even stronger against than the flag. And while power blackouts are starting to hit the news, a govt. raising this subject would be cancer.

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  • Use of young children for propaganda is a Jimmy Saville BBC level to stoop to.

    The Balrogs are waiting in the shadows. Once the fires lit by their Labour Party revolutionary progeny ebb. Waiting.

    I just read “Propaganda” by Bernays (Freud’s nephew). Short book. Explains how we got here.


  • Concerned Taxpayer

    $55 million, Must only be a drop in the bucket being funnelled to the creative/media industries. Look at the explosion in advertising campaigns from every government connected organisation. Probably $100s million extra going there way from 4 years ago. Even the reserve bank is making expensive videos. I watched it hoping to learn how Tane Mahuta was connected to monetary policy. Unfortunately it didn’t elighten. I can only conclude the goal was to spend money with the right people.


    • Saw that ad the other night, it’s in the same load-of-crap-bag as the 3 waters one. Embarrassing! As for the pathetic use of maori place names by marxists, I hope they keep it up. It will spell the end of the reign of drips currently in govt. Judith, David, seize the moment!!