Farmers’ protest slips out of news cycle one day after

Its a day after one of the most impressive political protests ever seen in New Zealand and there’s virtually no mention of it in the mainstream media. Except for the NZ Herald which ran one Jack Tame article accusing the farmers of hypocrisy, and another warning Jacinda that she needs to be careful farmers don’t get the upper hand.

The screenshots (click to enlarge) show every other mainstream media source chose to write about a lot of meaningless BS and studiously ignore the protest. A fact that demonstrates once again for those out there who still doubt, that the NZ media is a political force fully infiltrated by left wing activists determined not to report objectively but to shape our country as they see fit.

Why does the media need to do this? Why are they so reluctant to publish criticism of Jacinda, and why have they failed to report this momentous protest? Why are leftists, many who no doubt have media connections, going crazy on social media to discredit and downplay it.

There’s a simple answer really, and it is based in age old political theory dating way back to the Russian revolution. Here is a simplified version of that theory.

Communists like Jacinda (who learnt the theory during her years at the International Union of Socialist Youth) are never really in the majority. They pretend to be, and they’ve honed their methods of achieving this deception well. However from Lenin’s Bolsheviks right through to the tyrants who ruled when the Berlin wall was brought down, the communist ruling class was intensely hated by most of the population.

The key is (especially in a democracy) that people must think communism/socialism is popular, and in fact a large part of the ruling elite’s activity is devoted to creating that deception and maintaining that illusion. Hence their concentrated infiltration of media.

Vladimir Lenin said notoriously-

“Create the appearance of popular support. Communism must be built with non-communist hands.”

What he meant was that the larger part of the populace must be fooled into helping the communists maintain control and reach their political objectives, and this is exactly what Jacinda is doing in New Zealand today. Fooling most of NZ. Except the farmers have upset her applecart.

Yesterday’s protest was a huge threat to Jacinda and her comrades because it destroys the illusions they depend upon so dearly. The illusions that she is popular, that her policies are popular, and that those who disagree are just a small disgruntled minority.

That is why the news media is silent. That is why what they do say has been designed to undermine the protest. That is why leftists are going crazy on Twitter and Facebook.

The farmers brought truth to NZ’s political condition. They destroyed the illusion and discredited Jacinda’s propaganda machine. So just as the farmers would be if they had held a protest in Russia circa 1955, they will be condemned and discredited in NZ 2021.

The mainstream media has today demonstrated they are the enemy of the people. Fight back with truth. It is kryptonite to Jacinda and her media colleagues and any communist, and it will eventually defeat them. We will win.



  • Primary producers are the backbone of NZ.
    Conversely, NZ politicians are spineless parasites of NZ.
    Will the farmers do as they say? As in “more to come.”
    E.g. Bring traffic to a standstill?
    I have my doubts.


  • I think some in the media are waking up ….. slowly.


  • The New Zealander

    They’re dumb to have a protest on a Friday at the end of the weekly news cycle. The journalists have gone home for the weekend. They aren’t going to be out interviewing farmers on Saturday or Sunday when they can just pop into their office or work from home.


  • Redbaiter. Lost your email again. Roger


  • You nailed it when you identified the major protagonist as the media. They and their labour travellers are just dirty commies, whom have never had a reckoning for their failures. The truth only needs a toe hold.

    Farming is the source of New Zealand identity and culture, like it or no. I have always been surprised how kiwis prefer farms and small towns, unlike the urbanised aussies. When New Zealand awakens again to its source of cultural identity, jacinda and her urban commies are stinky fish wrap. But expect another Covid lockdown before that reality hits. National, unfortunately are packed full of cowed urban materialists, who are only too happy to throw the farmers under the bus for their high falutin donors, sigh.


    • You’re right in that the left have affected great cultural change over the last few decades. Mainly because they have had the cultural battleground all to themselves, and been able to finance their army of propagandists with public money. All far too easy for them.

      The IUSY that Jacinda attended for most of her youth has a global political agenda in booklet form. It lays out the methods the left have used for decades and are still using to convert our western democracies into one party socialist states. The doctrine in that agenda has been taught in our schools for decades by an education system fully controlled by global socialist believers. It is full of flowery words about democracy and freedom, but as with all things from the left, their real aim is the opposite. If you read between the lines you can discern this.

      So this is the battle ground we are fighting on and because we have conceded so much ground over the decades, the battle to regain that ground will not be easy. However it must be fought. There is no other way. It starts with electing politicians who understand the cultural war, and rejecting those who do not.