Free speech interview with Faafoi just a scripted snow job

Tova O’Brien gave Jamie Lee Ross a hard interview when his power was all gone and he was reduced to a political pimple, but she sure gave current Justice Minister Kris Faafoi an easy ride in her interview this morning.

In the first place, whatever is New Zealand doing with a punk ex TV One journalist as Justice Minister? A few years ago his main job was sticking Labour party pamphlets in letterboxes. Now he’s making decisions that are going to completely destroy the foundations of our democratic society.

The big question Tova did not ask was “Who is driving this assault upon our traditional way of life?” She knows the answer.

Fans of mass cross culture immigration sold their ideas by telling us diversity was wonderful. They never mentioned we’d have to endure Stasi like restriction of freedom of expression as a result.

It is the Muslim sector of society that is driving this campaign against free speech. Not the Sikh sector. Not the Hindu sector. Not the Buddhist sector. Definitely not the Christian sector. Its the Muslims because they were attacked on March 15th, and as Kris Faafoi says right at the beginning of the video above, the main idea of hate speech laws is to stop such attacks.

Labour MP Ibrahim Omer with Jacinda Ardern. Votes are big driver of this legislation.

Muslim advocates have been touring the country speaking to believers and anyone else who will listen in a campaign to make Labour legislate against “hate speech”. Muslim Ibrahim Omer is a member of said Labour party and he has been a vocal advocate for the laws in select committee hearings and elsewhere.

The law and the Muslims are both wrong. For three main reasons. One is if they were not prepared to live within our society in accordance with our traditional freedom, they should never have come to New Zealand.

Two is the Christchurch event was entirely aberrational within our society, carried out by an insane loner not even from this country who gained the ideas that drove him to commit the act outside of New Zealand.

The third reason is the most wrong of all, and it is the claim that this legislation will improve the safety of the Muslim community. It won’t. The degree of safety after the legislation (if it is indeed introduced) will be the same as before.

There are a thousand other reasons why it is a bad idea, such as that it will drive community sentiment against the Muslims. This is precisely why Faafoi is trying to deflect from the point that he is acting mainly on their behalf.

Tova did not ask Faafoi about our Bill of Rights. Sure, the BOR is just another piece of window dressing in the overall socialist con job, but it still would have been good to see the sinister little fast talking Stasi BS artist try and worm his way out of it.

The interview probably was not entirely scripted by the Labour govt, but it sure seemed like it was. Patsy questions, predictable smoke screening answers, it was just a public relations exercise. Proven so when in the closing minute, Tova was asking why the legislation could not be enacted in a shorter time period. (the video above has been cut to the bare bones)

If only we had a real opposition. If only we had a real media, Tucker Carlson, Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones or Andrew Neil for example, this sinister attack on New Zealanders’ right to express unpopular opinions would not see the light of day.

Faafoi needs to drop this disgusting unenforceable legislation, and the NZ Muslim community should back off too. This is not the way to build support for multi-culturalism in NZ or any other country.


  • Faafoi, one of their more competent Ministers. Not exactly saying much.
    He has no clue what he is doing because he does not understand the law and has not had any training in it. That much is clear even in this softball interview. He should stick to reading from an autocue.

    TO: “And who decides what my intent was?”
    KF: “Well, (Argh), That would be, (Argh) the Police, (Argh) as they gather evidence (Argh) for a Crimes Act offense if they were looking at it.


    • Tova O’Brien lent across the table and shook hands with Faafoi at the end of the interview. She’s on his side. She could have been so much tougher. For example when she asked Faafoi who would decide what hate was and how, he said the Police. Which wasn’t really an answer. Of course its the Police, they’re making it a criminal act. Tova should have followed up with “Well how will the Police decide what is hate?” but she didn’t. Let him off the hook the whole way through.


  • Well they had tough laws on speech in the 1920 and 30’s in Germany and look how well that ended. Still I’m not surprised Tova is not aware of this minor fact, probably stems from her inability to read and think.