Irish soccer team booed for taking knee

For many people the sight of the Blackcaps kneeling to the thug group Black Lives Matter while they held a Marxist fist raised in the air made it very hard to watch cricket with the same enthusiasm as before. Some tried to watch it, but somehow, something had been destroyed forever.

Cultural Marxists have made unbelievable progress in infiltrating sport, and now taking a knee is everywhere, from Formula One to women’s hockey. The ease and rapidity with which western sport has capitulated probably surprised even the communist thugs of BLM.

However there’s the West, and there is Hungary. Last Friday Hungry played Ireland in Budapest in a warm up game for the Euro 2020 football tournament. When Ireland took a knee the stadium erupted in boos. The reactions to the booing were as interesting as the event itself.

Ireland coach Stephen Kenny called the booing “incomprehensible”. Well, it would be to bubble living progressives. “We weren’t expecting that… It is for a good cause and we want to stop racism,” said Ireland striker Adam Idah. Yes Adam, everyone wants to stop racism, but most people with a brain draw the line at taking a knee to wrecking burning looting murdering communist thugs.

The comments of the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban though were more refreshing and sensible. “If you are a guest in a country, then understand its culture, and don’t provoke the locals, don’t provoke the host if you visit as a guest,” Orban told a press conference in Budapest.

The fiercely anti-immigration premier said he “agreed” with the Hungarian fans who booed, and that kneeling in protest “has no place on a sports field. It doesn’t help to bring that heavy moral historical burden on to a football pitch and this is not a solution.”

What a relief to see a world leader prepared to take a stand. Swap him with UK’s useless globalist traitor Boris Johnson any day.

Funny how this didn’t make the news in NZ. Censored by our media elitists most likely. Wouldn’t want the rugby or cricket rabble to get any ideas now would we? Here’s the video of the Irish team getting booed.