Labour’s citified green faction gets billion dollar bridge

New Zealand has sunk deeply and darkly into the suffocating mire of green progressivism, and the irrational outcomes resulting from this decline are everywhere you look.

Every level of government is suffering a terrible shortage of sanity and practicality, as the decision to spend what will no doubt be a couple of billion dollars on a walking and cycle bridge across the Auckland harbour demonstrates so starkly.

Sure, its a nice thing if you’re into cycling and walking, but right now, deeply in debt (underpinned by a reckless gamble on interest rates) and with the uncertainty of the Covid19 pandemic still overshadowing the country, is it a good idea to spend a billion or two on what is essentially a “feel good” item?

Especially given the state of many roads and bridges across the country in rural areas. Some severely damaged by the recent flooding.

Who cares about the farmers though? Who cares about the workers outside of inner city Auckland and Wellington?

Not Jacinda Ardern and her band of green Marxists, or the similar politically driven cretins who populate Auckland council and almost every other council in the country.

Productive NZ will just have to wait while the precious wants and needs and feelings of the inner city Labour voters who parasite off them and regulate them to the point of insanity are attended to.

The new Auckland Harbour bridge is a monument to a country engulfed in Marxist idiocy and delusion. If it ever gets built, it should have a plaque attached announcing it as a symbol of our country’s slide into economic and social decay.