Republican ad targeting CNN should give National some ideas

At long last the Republican Party is waking up. Its been cowering in a cave for decades refusing to acknowledge the fact most other political observers have noted for a long time. The Mainstream Media are the Democrat Party. The Democrats that sit in the Senate and the House are just the back up act to the real warriors of CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, the Washington Post, Associated Press, Reuters, USA Today, NBC, BBC etc etc etc.

Yesterday in the US, the Republican PAC group Club For Growth produced a 60 second TV ad (where will it run?) targeting CNN. The group accuses CNN of covering constantly for Joe Biden. It says if CNN was really doing news, it would be highlighting Biden’s failures instead of “working overtime to cover them up.” Sound like anyone we know in New Zealand readers?

The NZ National Party has for decades now cowered from the mainstream media. They’ve huddled in their cave and refused to fight the most powerful leftist force in the country.

Perhaps the most recent and doubly disastrous occasion of this was before the last election, where they let a combination of Labour’s social media trolls, and partisan reporting from most conventional media convince them they needed to change leaders. Not only to change leaders, but to lamely go more liberal progressive. What a disaster that was.

The real issue though is the NZ media’s clear intent to protect Jacinda Ardern and the Labour govt as much as possible, and this force must be countered if the Nationals are to make headway. Alternatively, they can keep going the way they’ve been going for thirty years and give even more ground to the left.

Here’s the ad the Club for Growth have produced criticising CNN. National could run a similar ad here in NZ, all they need to do is replace CNN with TV One, or Radio NZ, or any of the rest of the craven left wing fakes who pretend to be our media. That’s if National ever raised the guts to take on the real Labour Party.