“Reporter of the Year?” Yeah right!

In case you missed it, NZ’s taxpayer funded media held their annual Voyager media awards last Friday night. Misandrist and good friend of Jacinda Ardern Alison Mau won the award for Reporter of the Year. Just what you needed to restore your trust in media right?

She wrote a column today for Stuff in which she complained about how many times she had been fired from radio and TV. How once she was replaced by “such broadcasting luminaries as Sean Plunket and Peter Williams”.

The piece is also about violence and how people shouldn’t hit people. Namely how sports reporter Martin Devlin took a swing at a junior reporter who had a scoop news item and wouldn’t tell Martin what it was.

Alison and wife with Jacinda and Clarke at the Big Gay Out

Martin missed with his punch, but its the thought that counts, and of course he’s going through the usual Orwellian mind control processes that follow such events today. Counselling and all that. Now perhaps worst of all, he’s having to endure the sneering disdain of Alison Mau.

Which is the same old hypocrisy that has been remarked about on this site before. Mau apparently has the skin of a rhinoceros, because she keeps coming back for more. The issue is fairly simple. Alison is very selective about when she decries violence and when she supports it.

Remember two years ago when 16 yr old Christian student Nick Sandmann was vilified all over the globe by liberal media who pushed the story he was a racist  for smiling when a protesting Indian beat a drum inches from Nick’s nose?

Gutsy Nick sued that media and received generous payouts as a result of their misrepresentation.

New Zealand Reporter of the Year 2020 Alison Mau was in boots and all during the Nick Sandmann attack phase. One of Mau’s feminist friends tweeted her desire to “punch the smirk off that little white maga fucker’s face and then walk through the crowd of his gleeful racist shit eating mates just windmilling my fists”. Mau responded “Dooooo eeeeeeet!!!”.

Pity there wasn’t a Voyager award for hypocrite of the year in 2019. Mau would have won it hands down.

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  • “Pity there wasn’t a Voyager award for hypocrite of the year in 2019. Mau would have won it hands down.”

    Maybe. But only if comrade commissar Cindy was debarred from entering.