Laws applied selectively are not laws, they’re tyranny

NZ media reports that a Christchurch woman, apparently white and with the surname Duff has been charged with insulting an Arabic women in a local Farmer’s store.

Police apparently used a law from the Summary Offences Act 1981 Section 4 (1) c (I) and charged the women with using insulting words while being reckless about whether any person was alarmed or insulted by those words.

Video- A Kuwait Prince explains why they don’t allow refugees or immigrants into his country. In the Arabic middle east, there are strict laws around immigration. It is very hard to emigrate there and get permanent citizenship. Almost impossible actually. Why? Because the locals want to preserve their country, their heritage and their culture.

The woman charged had committed the same old offence that established populations commit all over the globe, expressing her unhappiness with foreigners invading “her” country. (its not your country anymore Ms Duff, it belongs to the UN globalists and their local lackeys)

Anyone who has travelled anywhere in the world knows this is a frequent event where ever you are, ( I once even had a rifle pointed at me in a country fuel station while the aggressor called me a white eye) and although it might give rise to hurt feelings, these hurt feelings are usually assuaged by locals who don’t feel this way and are welcoming.

The woman who uttered the above described words was silly to do so, but for this silliness, the police were called, the woman was interrogated and investigated, a process was launched and now MS Duff is facing a lengthy court process and probably a heavy fine at the end of it.

Really, is it all worth it? Well yes it is, because its propaganda. Its the UN globalists sending a message that mass immigration into countries established and built by white Europeans is happening, and if you don’t like it that’s too bad, and you better not say anything in public or else.

While Ms Duff is being prosecuted for her rudeness in the Farmer’s Store Rangiora, there was a strange event in Christchurch Cathedral Square at the weekend. An LGBTQ group called Chalk for Change was holding a demonstration when they were confronted by one man and later a larger group who abused them, jeered at them and apparently said much worse things than Ms Duff had said.

Again, the Police were called (try and get them to respond to your burglary) and the activists were upset because it took them 15 minutes to arrive. The men were not arrested. In fact nothing was done.

Now that’s interesting isn’t it? Why would the law be applied in one case and not in the other? The news report on this event also said nothing about the men involved, or why they had acted as they had. The activists said one of the men told them he had carried out “genital mutilation“. Funny that isn’t it? Anyone got a guess as to what was going on here?