Guy Williams- a talentless taxpayer funded non-event

Almost all NZ art is funded by the taxpayer. A clique of comfortable well paid socialists calling themselves “Creative New Zealand” decide who gets given your money to make “art” that is tasteless, embarrassing, talentless and in the main just annoys the hell out of you.

A perfect example is the far left activist Guy Williams, who gets thousands of dollars of our money on the basis that he is a comedian. Well, comedians are meant to make you laugh, so how the hell does the try hard infantile Williams qualify? A recent example of his “humour” highlights just how bad he is at comedy. 

He loves to attack Christianity, and in the video below he’s using our money to make paper machete statues with battery powered extending penises (yes, he really is) with the objective of embarrassing an 80 year old Christian man sitting on the porch of his own home with his wife.

There’s a back story. The man on the porch is Milton Wainwright who as a Christian took exception to Maori carvings that suddenly appeared in a park he frequented with his wife. Apparently the carvings had extraordinarily large penises that Milton thought were better not seen in public, so he cut one of the penises off using a chainsaw.

Whereas “Maori” activists are free to tear down and deface western statues all across the country and suffer no legal retribution, Milton was prosecuted for wilful damage and ordered to pay restitution of $2000.

Somehow, Guy Williams saw this story as a circumstance for humour. The video below, where Williams shows the paper machete statue with the extending penis to the elderly couple was shown on his show “New Zealand Today”.

William’s partner is Golrhiz Ghahraman, an Iranian Muslim refugee. One wonders why this is the reason Guy so frequently targets Christians with his so called humour but apparently has never yet seen a chance to similarly ridicule anyone from the Muslim community.

NZ On Air Head of Funding Amie Mills, who gave Williams around a million dollars of your money to make his show, says she’s excited by the slate of returning comedy and drama, especially those new projects with rich stories to tell.

“We are thrilled to see pathways being created in prime-time and online for talented storytellers to take their craft to the next level. That so many of these projects are returning seasons with loyal and passionate audiences is a testament to the creative talent we have in Aotearoa.”

Watch the video and see what a shameless and talentless moral coward your taxes are funding. Here’s hoping the new owners of Three fire his useless bludging arse.


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  • Yet another example of the utter contempt this so-called ‘government’ has for ordinary, decent, taxpaying New Zealanders.