Mainstream media complicit in tribal takeover of New Zealand

Judith Collins and David Seymour brought the tribalist plan to subvert New Zealand’s democracy into the light. It wasn’t the media, who must have known of He Puapua, but said nothing until forced into it by Collins.

The plan is to replace the current democratic system with a race based oligarchy preferencing minority tribalists. It will place massive political power in the hands of a few and totally undermine the basic principle of democracy- “one man one vote”.

That media thought it a good idea to hide this scheme from the public is just one more indication of how they have been infiltrated by political activists more interested in power than truth.

Only the willfully blind could fail to see how media are doing the groundwork for the cultural change by pushing Maori language at every opportunity and persisting in calling the country by the fake name Aotearoa.

Its the same old same old. Leftist activists who have almost fully infiltrated New Zealand’s media doing propaganda for their left wing buddies pushing separatist Marxism under the guise of Maori sovereignty.

South Africa was never about freeing the oppressed. It was about installing communism as the default system of govt. A virtual one party system, and you can bet your house that the same plan is underway in New Zealand.

They lie, lie and lie again, and the worst thing about their lying is the weakness and scarcity of the opposition. The biggest lie is that the Treaty signified the beginning of a “partnership” when it did nothing of the sort. Yet tribal activists parrot this word at every opportunity, and the media never challenge it. They just let it pass as if it is truth.

If New Zealanders do not develop the courage to accost the liars and their media comrades they deserve everything that this plan will bring upon them. The importance of challenging today’s media cannot be stressed enough. New Zealanders must recognise who these people really are.

Not journalists and reporters and writers bringing us news and facts and truth but trained political activists working for left wing corporates in a massive propaganda operation made possible by left wing infiltration of the industry over a period of fifty years or more.

It began with the gradual Marxist takeover of universities, and more importantly journalism classes. The people posing as media today are foot soldiers trained by the subversives who took over these classes. In many cases today’s so called “journalists” are so well brain-washed they do not even know themselves who they really are.

Remember, they tried to hide the tribalist plan to subvert NZ democracy, and make it a one party Marxist state by 2040. Why would they do that if they were a real media? They’re not, they are the enemy of the people, and we will not have any rest from the threat of Marxism until their propaganda systems are destroyed.

Not easy when the govt is stealing our money to prop them up, but it must be done. (The subsidies were only meant to continue for three years, but Jacinda will undoubtedly extend them if enough gullible fools vote for her next election.)