Real journalist with years of experience? Newshub doesn’t want you

In NZ’s media industry, white men are falling like snow in the southern alps. If you’re good at your job, have years of experience, can write objective articles, and give valuable insights into issues of public concern, then you’re on the “rationalisation” hit list.

However if you’re a silly little girl on a pittance salary who gets most of her reporting ideas from the endless umbrage of the woke on Twitter or Facebook you’ll do well. Even better if you’re of some non-white ethnic background, and there will be an added bonus for sure if you’re non-CIS.

Newshub and Stuff in particular will snap you up. After they’ve got rid of any remaining real journalists that is. Like Dave Gosselink.

Rebecca Kent and Glen Kyne are the co-General Managers of Discovery ANZ, the company that bought Newshub off Mediaworks

There are not many real journalists left at Newshub, but they’re apparently too broke to go on employing two of their best people. Veteran Newshub reporter Dave Goosselink and camera operator Grant Findlay may lose their jobs after the network investigates shutting down its Dunedin bureau.

Most of us have known for years that media management in NZ (and overseas) are mostly clueless incompetents. Made even more so by means of their committed alliance with the woke. Newshub’s reported decision to make Mr Gooselink redundant does nothing to challenge this perception.

In New Zealand, a recent AUT survey showed that

94% of people were concerned about media’s inclination “to twist or spin stories to suit a particular agenda”.

A further 90% were concerned about “poor journalism, including factual mistakes, dumbed down stories and misleading headlines/clickbait.”

Dave Gosselink is one of the few journalists whose work would reverse this trend. So they’re getting rid of him, most likely because he doesn’t fit the specified Newshub Human Resources critieria of a wet woke liberal cross-gender green lefty.

No wonder Duncan Garner appears more wet every day. He can see the day the bell will toll for him if he doesn’t watch himself. If Mr Gosselink does indeed go, it will be another nail in the coffin of the NZ media, and one less reason to ever think about expressing any sorrow for their plight.