Media uses fake right wingers to oppose Judith Collins’s truth on separatism

Most of us know who NZ’s media are and what their real purpose is. They exist to boost and or reinforce the global communist message emanating from the UN and tear down and destroy anyone who opposes it.

Liars and propagandists who will tell you black is white in the pursuit of their political objectives. So we have them labelling National party leader Judith Collins a racist for speaking out against racism.

NZ’s progressive media crucified Don Brash in 2004 for speaking truth on separatism, and they’re keen to do it all over again with Ms Collins today.

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One of the most effective weapons in their war on truth is to present leftists or moderates as spokesmen for the right. Back in Brash’s time, they utilised Matthew Hooton, the same member of the commentariat who played a big part in National’s disastrous left wing coup just prior to the 2020 election.

Radio NZ’s hit piece on Ms Collins today typically featured Mr Ben Thomas, NZ media’s “go to man” for right wing opinion when they really don’t want any right wing opinion. The piece has been picked up by other far left media outlets, like Stuff and Newshub. They report Mr Thomas as saying-

Collins’ strategy shows her leadership is clearly under pressure. It looks as if she is casting around for any kind of temporary sugar hit she can get in terms of a brief bump in the polls to take that pressure off. It will not win her the election.

The racist separation card is always tempting for oppositions to play. Since Don Brash in Orewa … there has been this idea you can magically pull yourself up in the polls by talking about one-rule-for-all and racial equality. In fact, that’s not a strategy which wins elections.”

Which is what you would expect Mr Thomas to say, because the fact is he is “right wing” like Mitt Romney is right wing, and Mitt just got booed off stage at the Utah GOP convention. Or like Frank Luntz, who was the subject of a classic Tucker Carlson expose yesterday.

Ms Collins truth speak is unusual for the National Party, who actually initiated the current problem by signing NZ up to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples back in 2010. With the useless John Key at the helm, who always went along to get along.

Except for Brash’s brief flirtation in 2004, National have mostly been too cowardly to fight the culture war. Ms Collins, whatever her motives, has apparently decided to change that policy, and deserves support for her courage in engaging on the real battlefield again. The Green Party supporting “rightist” Ben Thomas and his ilk, happy to be used by a cynical amoral media, are due only scorn.

With the Nats still full of leftists and vacillators cowed by the activist media, Judith will be lucky to win, but win she must. Otherwise Jacinda Ardern and her communist comrades will drag NZ down into the abyss of separatism and apartheid. Look at South Africa and Zimbabwe if you want a preview.


  • The New Zealander

    It’s building.. I’ve signed up with the gatecrashers. I’ll be blogging again soon.


  • Salacious Crumb

    Hooton runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds. His opinions should carry no weight. I wish Collins would stare down the woke, pathetic girlies who masquerade as the Parliamentary Media in the way Peters used to. That will shift the narrative; especially when mainstream NZ (whatever the fuck that is these days) start parroting Collins lines.