Racism is not the problem, its left wing messaging that drives failure

Its not easy to talk about “Maori” and say this or say that. Its just the same as if we talked about Pakeha, and said Pakeha are this or Pakeha are that. Its an absurd generalisation and a wildly inaccurate stereotype. Pakeha are a widely differing group of people in every way possible, and so are Maori. Its impossible to use the term specifically except perhaps in terms of historic events or such.

So when race-baiters like Willie Jackson or John Tamihere talk about “Maori” they’re mostly talking BS, for they don’t speak for Maori just as Jacinda Ardern or Judith Collins don’t talk for Pakeha.

The people who live in New Zealand are first of all New Zealanders. Politicians and or activists who wish to then divide this group by race are by their own definition racists.

The claim that “Maori” are being discriminated against in health and other areas, as Corin Dann asserted to Judith Collins on Radio New Zealand this morning is just divisive nonsense.

There is a divide in New Zealand’s social classes for sure, and it is growing worse. However the reason such divides exist is not because of racism, but because by their very nature the left prey on poor people under the guise of helping them, and thereby ruin their lives.

Politicians like Jacinda Ardern tell people that the deck is stacked against them, and without her help, or IOW electing her to govt, they’ll never succeed in the way others do. This negative message cripples their self belief, it cripples their independence, and it cripples their ability to succeed.

It is notable that this message is most often directed at those the left call Maori, and/ or poor people, and this is what drives the difference in social achievement. Its not racism that holds people back, but the psychological impact of the negative messaging coming their way from Labour and other left wing politicians.

Labour and the Greens and the Maori party all send out this same message, and they exploit so many New Zealanders by this means. Only for the purpose of duping these poor into voting for them, and thereby giving them the political power they so insanely crave.

Many are waking up to this exploitation. President Trump did a lot of work in correcting the damage done by the left’s corrosive self serving political message. Others like Candace Owens are speaking out loudly and angrily about the way the left have duped them.

The ultimate irony is the left are impractical by nature and can’t help anyone anyway. Trump could build skyscrapers. Labour is made up of school teachers, unionists and bureaucrats whose skills end at political theorising in cloistered meeting rooms. The wages they earn as MPs are far better than they could ever hope for in the private sector.

Jacinda Ardern for example will be at least $2 million better off after two terms as PM. The poor people she tricked into voting for her will still be just as poor as they were when she was first elected. If not poorer.