Biden campaign colluded with social media to censor posts, and so did Ardern campaign

Judicial Watch led by Tom Fitton does a great service for liberty and free speech. It recently obtained 400 pages of documents that prove the Biden Campaign was colluding with Big Tech, the California Govt and private political consulting companies to censor posts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The Biden campaign through a sub-contracted private company SKDK were monitoring social media, identifying posts they did not like, and then using the power of the Californian (Democrat) govt to get the posts removed. Given the clear involvement of govt, this could quite easily be a breach of 1st Amendment rights in the USA.

Without a doubt this is what occurred in New Zealand when hundreds of users notoriously critical of the Ardern govt were thrown off Twitter. If the same pattern was followed, Wellington consultants well known for their Labour contacts were no doubt making lists of “offenders”.

These lists were then passed on to the govt who pressured Twitter and those listed were banned. Alternatively, Twitter received the lists directly from the consultants and banned the users purely because of Jack Dorsey’s ingratiating friendship with the Prime Minister. Twitter had to get the localised information from somewhere, and this is most likely how it was done.

If it was done thus in the USA, why wouldn’t the left follow the same pattern here in NZ?

If we ever had real journalists in this country they would conduct a full investigation. The news that the PM was directly involved in censoring Twitter would be big headline material. Of course it would also be bad news for Ardern, which is probably the main reason the $175,000 bought NZ media has turned a blind eye.