An open letter to the NZ Security Intelligence Service

Dear Ms Kitteridge,

I know you are under a serious degree of political pressure right now, but you have to hold yourself above such influence.

We are still beholden to a significant degree to the British Crown. We have a Governor General. These institutions exist to separate the country of New Zealand from its government, and your loyalties should also lie with that country and not with the government of the day.

The SIS is not a political organisation dancing to the tune of whatever party is temporarily in power. You exist as an independent non-partisan intelligence service, and your purpose is to detect and hopefully counter threats to the realm.

With the considerable resources you have to conduct your intelligence operations, you are the most knowledgeable arbiter as to where real threats are coming from. Not the Prime Minister. Not her cabinet ministers. Surely and most emphatically not the Marxist mainstream media or its academic co-conspirators.

A Radio New Zealand article trumpeted the “news” that the SIS has

“got 10 leads on right-wing extremists in the lead-up to the Christchurch mosque attacks. This came within a few months of the SIS shifting from an overriding focus on Islamists and threats it knew about, to looking much harder at ones it did not, notably white supremacists.”

This article went on to attempt to link the phrase “known unknowns” to what is perceived as the “far right” of politics in NZ. This is beyond preposterous when the phrase was originally used in reference to the Iraqi govt supplying arms to global terrorist groups.

If the SIS is doing its job even half right it would know the following to be true-

to attempt to define the perceived “right wing” of NZ politics as some kind of terrorist threat the SIS should be carefully monitoring is partisan politically driven nonsense.

there is no real “white supremacy” movement in New Zealand. Those claiming there is are Marxists making these charges for political advantage.

there are real security threats to New Zealand, from international Islamist groups, from Red China, and from other various shadowy global cabals. Notably, only one of these is currently using terror as a strategy.

It would also pay you to consider that the actions of the Christchurch shooter, (who came here from Australia), were not necessarily an act of terrorism. He was not part of any organised or funded global group engaged in global terror. He is not necessarily a white supremacist or even a right winger.

In fact it could be that he is merely a deranged mass murderer, or a simple criminal, which funnily enough is what is a frequently claimed by the left when Islamists commit atrocities overseas.

Therefore your organisation should not be led to the false politically driven conclusion that anti-Muslim terrorism is a real threat here in New Zealand. You should push back against those who would coerce you into this position.

In fact the most immediate threat to NZ’s security, democracy and liberty comes from within, and it is posed by a combination of globally affiliated Marxist academics, their media agents, and various “street” protest movements that work in co-operation with them* (see note below). Their aim is to tear down our pluralist democracy and replace it with a one party Marxist state.

You have a responsibility to keep New Zealanders safe from all threats. You need to operate independently, make your own decisions, and tell the Marxists and Islamists pressuring you to back off.

In terms of terrorism, New Zealand is relatively benign. In terms of real threats to our country and our democracy, there is none so dire as that posed by well funded well organised global communists and their local comrades infesting media and academia.

The Redbaiter

*Note: If reports can be believed it is remarkable that your service is apparently working with one of these groups, namely the Paparoa group, who identify themselves as the local version of the global communist group Antifa and have past associations with the Urewera terrorist group. One hopes these reports are off the mark.