Andy Ngo exposes media lies about Antifa, life in danger

In the previous post I postulated that the USA was already besieged by powerful internal communist forces. I sense many doubt this to be true, but here we have an instance of an independent journalist, who has struggled to bring us truth in a sea of lies, being persecuted to the extent he fears for his life and must leave the country.

Andy Ngo, whom I followed on Twitter before my account was cancelled, brought us the truth about Antifa that their mainstream media allies and comrades refused to report on. For this he was beaten and hospitalised more than once, and often feared for his life. Now it appears US justice cannot protect him from these violent communist scum, and his only resort is to get out of the USA.

Here Andy describes how he came to report truth on Antifa after realising the MSM were not doing so-

After every riot that was occurring in Portland and Seattle, the coverage from the local press was not the honest picture about who these masked militants actually were. The way they were described, they were lionized and described essentially as heroes who are protecting their communities because police don’t protect people, because police are racist and transphobic and homophobic.

There grew to be a narrative that it was “up to the people to protect their own” and that’s what these people are doing – protecting communities from neo-Nazis and White supremacists and the KKK. That’s the story that the public was being told.

The media lied, and their lies further enabled Antifa and helped grow their support.

Antifa had a huge membership explosion after 2016 because they had the narrative support of the mainstream media with its daily commentary about fascism in America and how Trump was a Hitler-like figure.

Antifa and their media allies fed lies to public about fascism when Trump won. They spread propaganda about police hunting minorities. I called their bluff by filming them. For that, Antifa tried to kill me.

Andy paid the price for challenging that lie, and US law enforcement is now so corrupt, as Antifa have even infiltrated Police and justice system, he has to exile himself to preserve his life. In his book, (that I have purchased and will be reading soon) Ngo pushes back against the narrative that Antifa are merely anti-fascists. He writes-

It is a violent extremist movement that attacks all kinds of targets under the guise of anti-fascism. Their current plan is to create a decentralized system of cells and affinity groups who share in the same ideology through disseminated propaganda and literature.

They are always waiting in the background to be able to exploit any type of shootings, or tragedies or deaths involving police and potentially a person of color so that they can organize around that and to radicalize people around that.

For revealing this truth, about Antifa and the corrupt mainstream media, Andy is in so much danger he has to leave the country. And apparently law enforcement is unable to protect him from these thugs. This wouldn’t be happening unless Communists had the USA by the throat.

Opinion sourced from Fox News