Two tiered justice system shows communism ascendant in United States

Its by no means certain that Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. However the average consumer of mainstream news would no doubt be convinced that Chauvin did deliberately kill Floyd. Because its a narrative that has been pushed relentlessly by the group of far left political activists who pose as the mainstream media, and sadly, there are still millions of low information citizens out there who believe them.

The FBI has expressed horror at the “insurrection” that occurred when supposed Trump supporters entered the Capitol building. They’ve been relentlessly hunting down the alleged offenders ever since.

Yet supporters of BLM and other activist groups, nearly all Marxist in origin, can openly call for the burning down of the country if Chauvin is not convicted, and do so freely and apparently without threat of arrest. Or even any real criticism, for there is little of that to see in the media, which conversely has been happy to give these groups a megaphone.

A state of affairs like this should not exist in a free western society operating under the rule of law. However it does, and this proves the US today, like so many other western societies, is in the grip of a collective of lawless political actors who in historical terms mostly resemble the thugs and collaborators and miscreants who ran Joseph Stalin’s criminal communist govt in Russia circa 1940.

This is not about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin. Its about communist insurgents and subversives in govt and on the streets using an event for political advantage, and the very fact that they can get to this stage, where they can threaten to destroy the country, apparently without any push back from the authorities who should be pushing back, shows how far into the communist sewer the US has drifted.

There are two completely dishonest media narratives here. One that Floyd was murdered, and the second that it was an act of racism. Both of these charges are false. Floyd passed a counterfeit note and resisted when Police arrested him. There is not one skerrick of reason or evidence to suggest he was deliberately killed or he was treated differently because of his race.

What we are seeing is the ugly violent face of opportunist communist subversives, acting as they have acted throughout history, and they need to be stopped. They would be if the US, including its government, wasn’t so deep in the communist sewer.