Get on Gab, but also, get away from our enemies

Andrew Torba, owner of Gab is dead right when he says we have to develop our own networks and stop funneling money to our enemies. In New Zealand, the mainstream media is probably our most important foe, and, as far as possible, we need to stop doing business with them and the companies that prop them up.

Kiwibank and Vodafone for example played a big part in cancelling John Banks and Sean Plunkett. The companies that advertise on Stuff should of course be boycotted. Bayley’s and the Warehouse for example.

Its not always possible to find alternatives, but where they can be found, we should shift our business to them and work at this as every day goes by, until we’re finally completely divorced from giving money to our political enemies.

Back to Andrew Torba. He’s a brave man and a fighter, and he deserves support. If you’re not on Gab yet, I personally recommend it. Its working quite well these days.