The big “White Supremacy” lie

The left are soaking us with lies and one of the worst of late is the “white supremacy” lie. A few rag tag losers hanging around the fringes of society are heralded as proof of a much larger movement whose adherents apparently number in the millions and they are deeply embedded in all facets of NZ society.

This is another of the left’s habitual inversions of reality. The real threat comes from communist subversives who are indeed in their millions and have infiltrated our media, our universities, our schools, our bureaucracy, and most of our public institutions. The power of these subversives is demonstrated not least in the shutting down of debate in most of those institutions and even social media, by the huge number of Govt Depts engaging in Marxist Critical Race Theory training, and by the misguided cultural focus of our Police and Security services.

If “white supremacy” is the big threat, where is an example of its power that comes even close to the above described examples of communist power and influence?