A Woke SIS, but will it help keep us safe?

NZ is drowing in big left wing lies, and one of the worst is that the Christchurch attack happened because of the NZ Security Service’s failure- mainly that it was focusing on Muslim extremism when it should have been focusing on “white supremacy”

This is a complete inversion of reality. The Christchurch attack was an aberrational event and more a failure of Police than of Security, whereas Muslim extremists are a major threat today right across Europe.

Rebecca Kitteridge is a lifelong public servant who suddenly became head of our Security agency. She’s taken the agency so far down the road of wokeness one wonders if its capable of doing its job. After a recruiting program targeting “diversity” (meaning anyone except white males), after apologising to Muslims for keeping an eye on them, after stressing the importance to focus on the political myth of “white supremacy”, she’s now forcing Marxist Critical Race Theory on her employees.

Her newly released five point plan for increasing the effectiveness of her Security Agency includes-

Better training to help staff understand unconscious bias, and running a recruitment campaign aimed at increasing diversity of the workforce.

Simon Bridges made some valid criticisms of the woke Police Commissioner. He should take a look also at Rebecca Kitteridge. NZ Security is far too important an issue to be left in the hands of yet another public service Wokester.