Terrorism order proves Police and spy agencies are Ardern puppets

If the internet had existed in the 1930s, Sophie Scholl, murdered by the Nazis at 22 years of age, would have been using it to fight the tyranny of her times. Who knows, if her White Rose Society had been able to use a global computer network to counter the deceit and deception of the Nazis, Hitler may have been stopped long before he was “democratically” elected by the German people.

Hans and Sophie Scholl were murdered by their govt for opposing tyranny in Germany 1943

The Nazis rose to power mainly through a mix of deceit and corruption and murder, but at the core of this rise was their masterful use of propaganda. They developed a monopoly over the media of the day, and used that monopoly to dupe citizens into abject supplication to an individual who turned out to be a pathological mass murderer.

Hitler’s rise was a perfect example of how a group of corrupt power seekers can use propaganda and fear to subvert a democracy and convert it into a totalitarian hell. Of course such tyranny was not confined to the Nazis. Russia experienced it under Lenin, and later China under Mao.

However in both instances, Lenin and Mao came to power by means of armed force in what were basically feudal systems of govt, and did not have to deal with the problem of a well established democratic system as Hitler did.

Citizens who know how Hitler slowly but purposefully strangled democracy and converted it into tyranny are feeling nervous about events in the western world today. One of the main drivers of this apprehension is a govt monopoly over mainstream information/ media, but now added to by increasingly draconian attempts to muzzle the internet as well.

Just as the Nazis did in Germany circa 1930, current “progressive” govts appear to be trying to convert our once pluralist democracies into one party socialist states by total control of information and the incremental crushing of all avenues of public dissent.

The true threat to civilisation today is not (as Jacinda and her acolytes would have it) the US situated individual Donald Trump, but the internationalist Klaus Schwab and his power drunk globalist devotees (Ardern, Trudeau, Biden and Macron for example). They are attempting to impose their “progressive” socialist tyrannies by networking across the entire western world, and they are prepared to ruthlessly silence and isolate anyone who opposes their vision.

NZ’s spy agencies have publicly expressed gratitude to communist activist Byron Clark for his help in tracking “white supremacist” groups. Here he tweets in support of Antifa.

The mainstream media are happy to help with this strategy. Not only because they are a collection of like thinking global progressives, but also because they see the internet as largely responsible for their own economic decline.

In 2016 a letter jointly written by leaders in the NZ media asked the govt for help in fighting off the threat of the internet. They wrote “Every day we battle for advertising against these behemoths from Menlo Park and Mountain View, California” and asked for govt support to stay afloat financially. Ardern agreed to provide this support.

So she was elected with considerable help from the media, and in reward media got the financial support they had begged for. Now they are happy to join forces with their sponsor Ardern in the mutually beneficial cause of shutting down dissent and especially on the internet.

This offensive is underpinned by a massive propaganda campaign using the mythical threats of “hate speech”, the “far right” and “white supremacy” and the claim that the internet plays a big part in enabling these threats. In truth, this deluge of lies and deception is really just cover for the plan to eventually shut down all dissent and embed the far left as the default or “normal” form of govt.

Professor Paul Spoonley is heavily involved in the far left’s propaganda campaigns, and also contributes to / leads numerous govt spy agencies.

As part of this propaganda campaign, the NZ Police Commissioner, a disgraceful coward and govt puppet, last week audaciously proclaimed the American activist group “The Proud Boys” as a terrorist group. An act of such injustice it should make the hair stand up on the back of the neck of anyone who is not a comatose progressive. “When they came for the Proud Boys”…!!

The Commissioner said his decision was justified by means of a report entitled “Statement of Case, the American Proud Boys Terrorist Entity” date 20th June this year. You can download this outrageously partisan pack of lies distortions and exaggerations at the link below.

The Commissioner should be sacked for being complicit in such a ruse, and whoever authored the report should also be fired from their position and never ever receive one dollar of taxpayer salary ever again in their miserable worthless disgusting cowardly life. Here are a couple of exerts from this astonishing document-

This paper has been prepared using open or unclassified sources that have a reputation for careful and unbiased reporting. These include The New York Times, the Australian Broadcasting Company, The Guardian, New York Review of Books, Rolling Stone Magazine, Newsweek, The New Statesmen, The Washington Post, Reuters, NBC News, BBC News, CBC News (Canada), SBS News (Australia), National Public Radio (USA), The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, CNN, Forbes, ProPublica, and Politico.

“..sources that have a reputation for careful and unbiased reporting”. What???? Unbelievably arrogant insulting nonsense! Whoever wrote that is either a detached from reality bubble living lunatic, or an intentional deceit driven liar. 

The bulk of the “sources” listed are utterly disreputable Democrat/ left wing controlled propaganda outlets. Most undeniably typified by CNN, whose disastrous fall in ratings has seen their new CEO admit it was time for his station to “move away from extremism”. As for “The Atlantic”. FGS!

Here’s another excerpt-

…. the APB have been vocally opposed to Democrat Nancy Pelosi. In 2018 for example they aggressively protested her attendance at a Democrat rally in Florida, with heckling including calling her “piece of shit” and “fucking  communist”.

Hardly an instance of terrorism, this is mere opinion and speech that even if profane, is protected in the US by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. (As for Pelosi being a communist, I made the case for this way back in 2017)

The partisan and entirely subjective commentary in the report as typified by the above two paragraphs would be starkly embarrassing to any objective and professional report writer.

However, the circumstance that most convinces us that this is all a shameful deceitful sham is that while we are warned to be fearful of the Proud Boys, Mr Coster apparently sees no reason to be worried about Antifa. A far larger group that has committed arson destruction looting and killing on such a massive scale they make the Proud Boys look like misbehaving school kids.

Its worse. In an act that destroys any last vestige of credibility they may still have, NZ spy agencies (who no doubt contributed to this insulting-to-the-intelligence and politically corrupt report) are in fact using Antifa NZ affiliates to help them in their tracking activities. (see pics) Another fact that should cause our neck hairs to rise.

Leaving aside the Black Lives Matter movement. Equally as destructive and murderous as Antifa, but our media fawns over them and our national sporting teams are encouraged to take a knee to them in abject and contemptible surrender. See here for an article on the mayhem caused by Antifa and BLM.

What is to be done in the face of this massive onslaught of deceit and deception? The only possible response is to use whatever remnants of democracy still remain and make sure we elect people who will oppose the “progressive” and globalist one party state monolith. Yes, such people are in short supply in NZ, but they do exist.

Very few (if any) are to be found in the mainstream “opposition” parties of ACT and National. Both parties are as tied to the global progressive power bloc as Labour.

Look for a modern day Sophie Scholl, and give them your vote. You will probably find them on the internet somewhere, probably being enthusiastically spied upon and monitored by the odious Professor Spoonley and his slinking sniveling Stasi/ Gestapo style acolytes.

Statement of case, the American Proud Boys Terrorist Entity


  • On the money Red you can see the corporate s already falling into line changing our country s name and cancelling, sacking people who don’t conform, another sinister onslaught coming our way is digital currency, supposed world leaders falling over themselves to carry this through. Difficult for citizens to stand up to this as banks will control your ability to spend or do ad u wish with your money , it’s become more obvious now why the general citizenry were disarmed, nothing to do with Tarrant at all regards Kevin

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    • I wonder if the woke police commissioner will also decree that the Maori gangs will be classified as terrorists


      • The Commissioner who puts more resources into learning te reo than catching criminals . . . like Ardern, another loser.


    • Watched Spoonley interviewed by Newshub on this issue. When the question just crying out to be asked is “Why haven’t Antifa been declared a terrorist organisation and why are their NZ affiliates working with NZ security services?” there was just a big fat zero on the issue. Spoonley never gets the grilling he should and is always just given a platform to spout utter BS.


  • as usual Red, you are on the button…..thankyou for another excellent piece and keep them coming….
    we must all fight on to expose the tyranny that is confronting each of us on a daily basis and resist it however we can


  • I know for a fact as long g as 2 years ago a guy was denied a gun license because a concerned member of the public ratted him out as a Trump supporter and was caught wearing a proud buys tee shirt. So this information is just clearing up what has been police policy for some time. I wonder what other groups are on the list that we will only find out about in the years to come.
    I hope are these little news parties join together in the next election, this is most important I feel. I’m petty sure the New Conservative Party wont see the light unfortunately but I do hope all the others do as they will get my vote. As much as I like the NC’s the nation comes first so it’s time they wake up and smell the coffee.
    If we ever get justice one day in the distant future the enemedia should be front and center for crimes against the people of New Zealand. Glad to see you back again Red, the world is in a very bad place do good to see you have found your voice again and called this out for what it is. The road to hell.


  • Oh and if you don’t want the next generation to curse us in our graves in the years to follow and we need to change the way we vote. First if Luxton and David were men of back bone and valour they would have stood up and said this is wrong. But they are spineless traitors with no principles, as much as i dislike Adern at least we all know she is a communist and that is what she stands for. What does Luxton and David stand for, it’s obviously a secret because i have yet to see them stand up for anyone or anything.
    So if you want to change the nations direction the voter needs to make this change happen, or carry on voting for the blue or red team and watch our country go to the dogs Nazi style.


    • Hi Dutch. Thanks for the kind comments. You are right about National and ACT. Today they exist as mere enablers of evil, and they should have taken a stand long ago. Now we are so far down the slippery slope to a one party state it is difficult to regain lost ground. As for new or different parties, I have a few thoughts on making this a better option, and will write on this shortly.


  • I always read but don’t usually post a comment however wanted to say hi!
    Fantastic read, as always. Have shared it to twatter and other socials ♥️
    Hope you’re well.
    Dame Jane 😄


  • For goodness sake can you please keep your comments coming. It is good and refreshing to read them.