The burden of bad ideas becomes unbearable

If you’re a believer in reason, you would no doubt be left speechless by the torrent of nonsense that is the accepted public discourse today.

The term “speechless” is chosen specifically here. What does one say that can have any impact upon the overwhelming onslaught of Alice in Wonderland style absurdity that is currently being produced by govt and its media/academia cheerleaders? Not just in New Zealand, but right across the West. One can only stare in open mouthed wonderment as the prevailing globalist fatuity expands like a snowball rolling down a hill.

Back in 2001 Heather MacDonald wrote a prescient book entitled “The Burden of Bad Ideas” subtitled “How Modern Intellectuals Misshape Our Society”. The writer criticised the ideas of the then elite from many angles and examined the real-world consequences of those ideas and their disastrous effects upon our society.

Publicity for the book included the sentence “The Burden of Bad Ideas reveals an upside-down world and how it got that way.” A reminder. This was in 2001, but since then its only got worse. So much worse as to be practically unbearable.

As an example of this utter absurdity one only needs to look at the desperate campaign to discredit the truth tellers who exist outside the bounds of the accepted propaganda cartel of govt, media and academia. This cartel has to be completely devoid of any ability to reason or even worse, completely ignorant of the concept of irony. Otherwise how could they possibly promote such a fatuous and insane idea?

This cowardly assault carried out yesterday on white male politician (Craig Kelly, Australia) by a women shows the hollow hypocrisy of the feminists’ whining about hurt feelings

If one is not already aware of how outrageous their claims are, it takes less than thirty seconds to track down stark examples of exaggerations, omissions, censorship and straight out lies that prove exactly where the real problem exists. The legacy or corporate media are the most egregious purveyors of mis/disinformation by far. Next comes govt or academia. Take your pick.

Back in 1985 the NZ Labour party had one half good idea in the Bill of Rights, especially in respect of one particular clause that said-

The Judiciary would have the power to invalidate any Act of Parliament, common law rule or official action which was contrary to the Bill of Rights.

When the BOR finally passed into law (1990), this clause was absent. Nevertheless, it shows that the thinking of Labour back then was far different from today, when most of its supporters, especially the Jacinda acolytes, regard the BOR with utter contempt. An annoying road block on the path to establishing their one party state.

Abuse of (old) white males by progressive feminists is a major contributor to uncivilised discourse on social media

One such acolyte is Stuff writer Michelle Duff, who wrote the book “Jacinda Ardern : The Story Behind an Extraordinary Leader”. Her article today is headlined “Why escalating misogynistic abuse of Jacinda Ardern is a national security issue”. Yes, Michelle is at the point where she thinks the perceived problem of the hurt feelings of feminists should be addressed by the NZSIS, an organisation originally set up to counter espionage by overseas countries.

One of the worst ideas you can have is to award govt the right to punish its citizens for merely offending the feelings of other citizens. The BOR attempted to forestall such events when it said-

“Anyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek receive and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.”

Today’s elites have absolutely no qualms about trampling all over this clause. As they can, because unless we have brave judges prepared to make decisions on this basis, the BOR is useless. Such judges are few and far between, as the Justice dept is like every other institution, infested with people who believe in and promote the same bad ideas.

A bad idea in Sri Lanka has lead to food shortages and increasing poverty. Echoes of Venezuela, and a warning for NZ and its foolish pursuit of zero carbon targets. An insane and impossible idea the legacy/ corporate media will not allow to be debated.

A week ago legacy broadcaster TV One produced a three part prime time series on misinformation, written largely by “reporter” Kristin Hall. Kristen is known to use far left political activists to support her arguments, without revealing who those activists really are, and she did just this in the subject series. Most of the audience had no clue that in watching a program supposedly reporting objectively on the matter of dis/misinformation, they were victims of this themselves.

Tucker Carlson mocks legacy media’s claims to be the arbiters of what is dis/misinformation.

So that’s where we are at today. As the burden of bad ideas starts to become unbearable to the man in the street, the architects of those ideas are doubling down in their efforts to suppress ever growing criticism. Jacinda Ardern, to quote Dennis Prager, lies “with the same ease at which I breathe”.

In a recent post on Substack, WEF opponent Dr Robert Malone ( a key developer of the anti-Covid mRNA technology) nut-shelled it in these two paragraphs-

“What I have found has been layers of lies, one on top of another, which seem to require an amazingly coordinated and globally comprehensive control and shaping of information in the form of propaganda and censorship on a scale which was previously unimaginable.

Total information control, and total unrestricted, all encompassing information warfare. Modern media manipulation of thought and minds without boundaries, and without any ethical constraints.”

Thank God for the sources the legacy media describes as mis/disinformation. Without them, who knows what terrible dystopian outcomes would be bearing down upon us. Completely unchallenged by the lying cowardly scum who now pose as our media and who so shamelessly dishonour their traditional and primary role of protecting the weak from the strong.

If John Campbell wasn’t bad enough, his replacement on TVNZ’s Breakfast Show is a WEF disciple

Final Note: Latest Auckland University of Technology report on media shows massive fall in trust for all legacy/ corporate media services, especially NZ Herald and TV One. Download a copy here.


  • Always a great read. Thanks Red. Keep up the good work.

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  • After reading that “Stuff” article I was close to vomiting. Do Ardern’s acolytes not realise one reaps what one sows?
    Ardern once endorsed a mong, Tom Scott, singing about raping John Key’s daughter. Then there was that obese German that screamed obscenities about Key and media loved it, then there was the dildo affair. Media and Ardern deserve all they get. After being at a expensive retirement home and hearing a 70 plus female resident telling a group how she would like to see her strung up for her ruination of New Zealand, one wonders why our taxes are being channelled to keep MSM afloat without Luxon saying a word!

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    • The Green Left have taken over the National Party and it is thereby neutralised as a real “opposition”. The party is today led by a bunch of pandering fools (Luxon, Willis, Bishop) who have completely surrendered in the battle of ideas it was formed to engage in originally. Sid Holland would have utter contempt for the party today.

      (Yes, Luxon has not a word of criticism for the Public Journalism Fund, as he has no words for so many other similarly disastrous problems. And when he does speak, on a few carefully selected issues, his words are hollow and circumspect. He is pretending to be an opposition. We have lost the National party to the left, and this is one of the worst disasters ever for NZ. Under the mountain of waffle Christopher Luxon uses to answer every question, he is James Shaw without the hair.)

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  • another truth bomb Red…..thanks for that, you continue to remind us that a lot of the world has lost its mind…..


  • Great article Redbaiter, we need you to be our PM. However after having said that it would be like throwing pearl before swine, Your goodness and wisdom would be lost on a large section of the population of NEW ZEALAND


  • Re Video of Kelly.
    That Bitch in the Video is only Part of the Problem.
    We the normal people are the other part of the problem we sit back and take all the Woke Shit that they dish out.
    If That Thing had done that to me She would be Looking for her Frigging Head