$200K/yr Jimmy Shaw cares not one jot for the rising poverty of NZ citizens

The most contemptible of all the current contemptible parties in parliament is the so called “Green Party”. The most contemptible politician in the Greens is leader Jimmy Shaw.

His ideas are so bad for our country and the West overall they could almost be classed as traitorous, and worst of all, he has driven every other party to take up those ideas.

Apparently oblivious to the far greater levels of poverty and suffering already bearing down on us, Shaw today makes plain he wants to increase that danger by calling for a boycott of Russian oil. A call that is insufferably stupid and damaging for so many reasons.

James Shaw tweet wherein he callously uses the Russia/Ukraine war as an opportunity to further his corrupt destructive ideology

The first reason Shaw’s call is stupid is because “What Russian oil”? For a start, with NZ refineries closed or shutting down, there won’t be any Russian oil directly imported. (In the past it ranged between 2% to 15% of our supplies)

The only way Russian oil comes into NZ now is in the refined products from other countries. How is Mr Shaw going to implement, monitor and police such a ban? Its impossible. Unless we stop all hyrocarbon fuel imports. Is this secretly what Jimmy Shaw is aiming for?

The second reason is that even if there was Russian oil to boycott, it wouldn’t matter a damn to Russian oil companies. While the planet is crying out for cheap energy from hydrocarbons, there’s no surplus of demand. That’s why the price may climb to $US300/ barrel. People are going to pay that before they yield and buy from Russia? Nonsense.

The third reason is Shaw’s cruel and callous disregard for the impacts of his flawed and impossible ideas. Especially when he suggests we can quickly and painlessly convert to renewable energy. Even if there was a reliable and efficient supply of energy to replace oil, it still can’t happen overnight.

Govt agenciies that have investigated the reality of the zero carbon economy say that its a target impossible to be met by 2030 or even 2050. Eight and twenty eight years away. What are people going to do in the meantime?

You know what they’re going to do. They’re going to fall into poverty and starvation as the economies of western nations collapse. Because we invested in phony unreliable and expensive “alternative” energy sources. Under the false assumption we needed them. A false assumption driven by lying Jimmy “Climate Emergency” Shaw and other politicians of his evil ilk.

Surely no one is so ignorant of history that they believe such economic collapse cannot occur. In China and Russia millions of citizens died of starvation and despair. Through flawed govt policies that some say were purposefully designed to kill off large sectors of the population.

Is Shaw planning to deliberately starve to death the citizens of New Zealand? Perhaps not purposefully, but his awful strutting about and claiming of the high moral ground whilst he puts our already fragile economy at considerable risk makes him especially contemptible.

He sits comfortably in parliament on his $200K a year salary and therefore isolated from the pain and sacrifice the man in the street is forced to endure. Shaw does not even own or have need of a car. He walks to work, and he sits on his arse in parliament all day. When he does travel, the productive workers (taxpayers) using ICE powered cars pay for it.

His fear mongering on oil is echoed by many western politicians, and they drive policies that cripple our economies and are even more damaging to our defense forces. This while world peace looks more tenuous every day, and Communist China prepares to invade Taiwan. What boycotts will you call for then Mr Shaw?

If the NZ govt feels the need to sanction Mr Putin, they should not do so by a means that may impoverish us and put our security at risk. If the govt acts on Jimmy Shaw’s tweet it will likely punish the citizens of this country far more than Russia.

(Authors note: The need for brevity makes it necessary to skim over a few of the more complex scenarios relating to the oil market and the Ukraine war. This is really about the growing arrogance of the ideologically driven ruling class and their increasing indifference to the concerns of the man in the street)


  • Philip Hornblow

    On Fri, 11 Mar 2022 at 7:31 AM, THE REDBAITER on Gab wrote:

    > Redbaiter posted: “The most contemptible of all the current contemptible > parties in parliament is the so called “Green Party”. The most contemptible > politician in the Greens is leader Jimmy Shaw. His ideas are so bad for our > country and the West overall they could almost” >


  • Wasn’t it revealed a while back that the Watermelon Party were the biggest users of taxpayer-funded jet travel? And the top moron was the biggest user of them all?

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    • Simone- Trump issued this prophetic warning about 16 months ago-

      “We have more oil than anybody. And you’re paying what? $2 a gallon of gas? That’s ok. If Biden got in you’d be paying $7, $8, $9, and then they would say get rid of your car.”


  • Shaw is indicative of the imbeciles and ideology-driven unemployble deadbeats elected to power, still supported by an ever decreasing pack of leeches, losers, and layabouts.
    Talking of layabouts, what is the guts on the stories floating around pertaining to Ardern’s taxpayer-funded fisherman friend?

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    • How shaw are you that the watermelon party mob are these days supported by less leeches, losers, and layabouts? What data are you seeing to support that nice idea?

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      • Maybe he will fly into a rage and defend himself instead of screaming for the police as he did in Botanical Gardens when confronted by an irate taxpayer. Seems ironic after all Greens say about police. Just filthy flotsam the whole lot of them, Shaw and Davidson being unfit for office.


  • Well said. You can hear the contempt of politicians in western countries every time they speak. We need a leader such as Florida has.
    And another thing, the war in Ukraine has shown we need a credible armed force, especially air force and navy. Our so called armed forces are barely armed at all. The fact that NZ has no air defence is an appalling neglect of the country.

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    • Nothing for defence in this pre election year [new funding] lolly scramble / vote buying news.

      Defence Force – Enabling the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association to Continue to Provide Services and Support – $2.53M

      Business, Science and Innovation – COVID-19: Infrastructure Investment – $3B (billion)

      Police – Funding for COVID-19 – $178M

      Internal Affairs – Water infrastructure fund – $746M (The Three Waters Theft Scheme?)

      Source: https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/3581078/

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    • Andrew- The other thing about countries not buying from Russia is that China will probably become the replacement supplier. So when its already making a fortune from solar panels and windmill components etc, (need completely bogus) it will also be raking it in (even more) on oil sales. We’re helping to build up the armed forces of the most belligerent country in the world, while we simultaneously destroy our own energy sources and therefore our ability to defend ourselves. Its criminal, its treasonous, but worst of all, its not going to stop. We’re governed by a combination of drooling idiots and traitors.


  • So, so many do not appreciate, understand, or even recognise an economic war!

    Guns and wallets.


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  • I strongly suspect that the Greens idea of saving the world is by all of us living in a third world peasant economy. To gain what they see as their utopia they first need to bankrupt our existing first world economy. They are succeeding!


  • the total morons running this country have one purpose and that is to DESTROY OUR LIVES in every way they know possible…..