A Crisis of Stupidity

Ardern claims the inflation underpinning massive cost increases for the man in the street is driven by “overseas influences”. What she doesn’t say is that the ideas driving those overseas influences are the same ideas that are guiding her governance of New Zealand.

At the core of our cost of living crisis is the global shift to “renewable” energy sources, a policy that has caused massive rises in basic energy costs, and Ardern is enthusiastically backing this flim flam scam.

She has declared NZ and the globe are facing a “Climate Emergency”. She went to the UN where she told the whole world they simply must take action to avoid this impending disaster.

So they did take action. In energy terms, Justin Trudeau governs Canada and Emmanuel Macron governs France and Joe Biden governs the USA and Boris Johnson governs the UK and Scott Morrison governs Australia pretty much as Jacinda told them they must govern, and as she governs NZ.

All Western democracies have blindly pursued the myth of “renewable” energy (which really means no energy) and have simultaneously pushed legislation to cripple oil and gas production in their own countries. Leaving the oil market wide open to Russia, China and the Middle East. (and they couldn’t see the folly in this????)

Its not rocket science. A rise in energy prices has an exponential impact on all products. All goods are produced using energy. Production costs have risen as electricity charges to factories have sky rocketed. All goods are transported using energy. Transport costs (especially international shipping) have also risen astronomically as fuel prices have increased.

The bumper sticker on this NZ EV succinctly sums up the fakery behind the global “climate emergency”

After energy, there is GST. Every transaction covering the cost of energy has (in dollar terms) increased tremendously, which also automatically increases the amount of GST applied to the transaction. So we have the enormous cost increases caused by renewable energy policies compounded by the govt’s own massive increase in receipts for GST.

The third major factor on cost of living increases has been a dramatic world wide over-reaction to Covid19. Using over-the-top shutdowns and work and travel restrictions that again have had exponential impacts on local and international supply chains.

As ships have waited to be unloaded at understaffed ports, they have had to charge huge demurrage fees that compound the shipping charges already increased by sky rocketing fuel costs.

Citizens have been obliged to vote for opposition parties which really do not oppose climate change policies. They’re about to do it again in NZ

Additionally, interest charges will increase as the money market realises that there’s not really much real money around, and that paper money as printed by NZ’s reserve bank is pretty much worthless.

Soon they’ll start scrabbling to protect themselves from their over extended loans in the property market and elsewhere. As many more astute observers have predicted, it will be a financial bloodbath that will make today’s “crisis” look like some kid’s birthday party at the local kindergarten.

The final but not by any means less important factor is that voters have been denied a choice on “climate change” issues by the undemocratic collusion of most of the main parties. Whether centre right or centre left, the opposition has refused to do its duty and actually oppose.

Now in New Zealand we’re apparently about to throw off the Ardern yoke, but accept a similar yoke from a man who boasts that his best management achievement at Air NZ was the electrification of the company’s car fleet. At the same time as he enthusiastically supported govt anti-fossil fuel policies that drove up the cost of air travel. Obviously a management genius right?

Last weekend Luxon proposed changes to taxation that he claimed would save households $700 a year. About one tenth of the average annual cost of living increase. He never mentioned energy, or climate change or the massive impact this phony “emergency” has had on this cost increase.

Yet recent polls indicate the same lemmings who rushed to vote for Ardern last election are now rushing off in Christopher Luxon’s direction.

Its not a cost of living crisis in NZ, its clearly a stupidity crisis, and you know what people say…

“You can’t fix stupid.”


  • Well said Redbaiter. Wake up New Zealand – time to ditch the whole sorry group who inhabit the halls of power, and the media and police who support them. We need a whole new beginning. There are people who really care in New Zealand and these are the ones we want to see in leadership roles. Their time is coming. Hold the line.

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  • ‘Nuff said?

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  • You’ve nailed-it again Red. The only good thing to come out of the last two years of this covid hoax is the revelation that the world is overrun with stupid, stupid people. Perhaps the WEF/UN eugenicists have a valid point with their depopulation agenda and ridding the planet of “useless eaters” …. guess the “jab” is the most efficient method of achieving such a goal …. especially when the sheep go willingly to the slaughter.

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    • Yes, thankyou Steve – there are some benefits that have come out of the last two years. And that is the true calibre of the people in power has been exposed for all to see and recognise. These people now all need to be removed. And conversely, the excellent quality of others on the outside has also been seen and it is these heroes that now need to be installed in their place. Liz Gunn said “give me 12 good men” – I reckon there exists at least 12 good people who could fill the bill.


      • Yeah, only problem is, any good men take one look at the toxic dump that is parliament and don’t want a bar of being in politics!


        • It won’t be politics any more. Something new, something fresh – which could only come from the people with the right heart. They do exist.

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          • Shrug your shoulders at the parliament, media, National and Labour and tell them all you support your local police, and see no real need to actually vote at the next election, as the police always seem far more concerned about our welfare than you. As soon as they open their mouths, ask them if they want to make a practice of it. Civil society will function far better with a concerned citizenry and small civilian arm of government. Everyone then has the SAME concerns!

            They’ll all pull their heads in. As the army might say.


  • Lets not forget the utter arrogant and cold hearted deception that is occurring here. Luxon, Ardern and crooked Jimmy Shaw of the so called “Green Party” are all quite happy that energy prices have increased because they see it as helpful in driving people away from hydrocarbon fuel sources and towards “renewable energy”. They wanted it, and now they’re getting what they wanted. To claim regret and that they’re seeking a fix for the problem is just so much BS and hypocrisy. Sickening.

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    • Going on current gossip, maybe the fisherman woud be a better prospect for a parliamentary position, possibly in finance!


  • As if the watermelon crowd weren’t bad enough at everything else . . .

    The fizzer ‘thing’ is a GMO; it’s not a vaccine.

    And – supposedly – the watermelon party are opposed to GMOs.

    The hypocrisy does not get much more acid than that.

    Power at any price.

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  • Ardern and her MoF have no commercial experience, in fact they would not know what a GST return looked like. Did Ardern not once comment on GDP thinking it was GST?
    Robertson is well versed in creative accountancy,it being an inherited trait. I get pissed off with Ardern waffling on about unemployment figures, these being hidden by increased bludging public servants, with fit and healthy leeches on all sorts of hidden benefits. Unemployment must be around 14%. We cannot afford these imbeciles in conrol until 2023, they must go NOW!

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