An email to John Campbell TV One

Seldom correspond with the MSM, (you can’t fix stupid) but sent this email off this morning after yet another intolerable pro-govt propaganda session from Mr Campbell. Of course the anti-propaganda message doesn’t apply to John Campbell only. It applies to practically all of the so called media in NZ. 

Mr Campbell,

I watched your interview with Stephen Judd. It followed the same pattern as most of your interviews, where a person pressing a particular viewpoint is brought on, and no countering argument is presented. Least of all from yourself.

Like most of the NZ media, John Campbell doesn’t give a damn for the BOR

As a journalist you are required to ask challenging and probing questions, but you seem to have rejected this principle and instead merely encourage the interviewee to come to the required mutually agreed conclusion. You are doing advocacy, not journalism.

I noticed this especially yesterday when you interviewed Commissioner Coster. You fawned over him in a sickening manner. Since when did journalism descend to the depths of doing public relations gigs for Police? Unbelievable.

As for the patronising Mr Judd, he and you need to realise that people are aware of fringe groups using social media to press their cause. We can deal with it.

This was not really what the Convoy protest was about. It was about salt of the earth NZers (including some police) concerned with govt breaches of the Bill of Rights.

They have every right to such concerns, as a recent High Court decision has confirmed. You Mr Campbell, and your media comrades and Jacinda Ardern made it into something different.

We rely on media to support our Bill of Rights, and watch out for breaches. Quite clearly today’s politicians in all parties have little regard for it. So who will maintain it if you don’t?

Yet today we see you constantly taking the side of big govt and astonishingly, smearing those citizens who are (bravely) speaking out the way you should be. They’re doing your job for you and you malign them? Disgraceful.

How about blatant trickery? How can we ever have faith in the MSM when we see TV One running interviews with extreme left activists and presenting them as objective observers/ commentators?

As you did here. (link to TV One “reporter” Kristin Hall interview with ANTIFA associate Byron Clarke)

We see through these tricks. Such transparent contrivances naturally destroy any last remaining vestiges of trust we may have in mainstream news services.

Finally, you and your media comrades need to stop constantly trying to force your progressive political views on NZers who want none of it. It is the relentless driving of this one dimensional political perspective that is particularly upsetting.

Do you forget TVNZ is govt owned? It therefore has a responsibility to present diverse political views. We see no sign that you acknowledge this responsibility.

You’re not doing your job at all Mr Campbell. Especially that part where you are meant to protect the weak from the powerful. There, you have it completely the other way around.

The Redbaiter.


  • Great letter Red …. don’t hold your breath anticipating a response though. What a spineless condescending POS Campbell has become.


  • The reporting from MSM is getting more compliant with government everyday……now that Ardern has had the protesters removed the propaganda will be dished out in spades…..the protest will be feasted on and demonized for days like vultures on a carcass……
    Good on you for taking time to write the truth again….


    • They are disorting it to the point it is senseless. Ardern will see how good her taxpayer-funded medias’ propaganda is when she has the guts to go on a walkabout with the fisherman (seems to be missing in action of late). The decent puboic will not forget this abuse of power by her and her acolytes. She must resign or be pilloried at every opportunity.


  • Someone, somewhere, sometime very soon, needs to proffer a cure / solution before we all drown in comrade commissar Cindy’s racist cesspit of socio-communism for NZ.


  • Nice one , we are in a war

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