Jacinda Ardern is baking a tyrant’s cake

The adage above has been proved true on so many occasions, and not the least in South America right now where various collapsing and corrupt socialist regimes are grimly hanging onto power.

Will we face a similar crisis in New Zealand? After what we witnessed on the forecourt of Parliament yesterday, with Police shooting rubber bullets at citizens who just want to go to work, any rational person would be very worried.

Wellington protesters battle with Jacinda’s Police. (Chantelle Baker’s live feed) The bulk of protesters turned their backs on the police to signify they eschewed violence. There are claims that most of the anti-police violence the media focused on was initiated by ANTIFA infiltrators

The recipe for one party socialist tyranny depends on a number of key ingredients. They are-

  • a compliant and willing media
  • a corrupt and brutal police force
  • a submissive opposition
  • at least 50-60% of the population miseducated and unknowingly living as gullible manipulated knuckle draggers
  • an overall population demoralised and divided
  • a government made up of morally dysfunctional far left goons and led by a psychopathic liar preferably with years of training in how to turn a pluralist democracy into a one party state

Stir it all together and there’s your socialist tyranny. You’ve seen Venezuela. You’ve seen so many other examples of one party despotism and the resulting societal collapse. Its happening right here today in New Zealand as we sit and watch, and never was there a greater warning given than the brutality that occurred yesterday on the forecourt of our parliament.

Christopher Luxon certainly fulfills the requirement for a submissive opposition

Ardern claims the Police acted independently. A sensible person would be sceptical. Coster is the PM”s hand picked Police Commissioner. He got the job over a more experienced officer because Ardern wanted him there.

Even if we accept the unlikely scenario that the brutality was not ordered personally by Ardern, it is beyond question that she telegraphed her wishes to the Commissioner by means of her compliant lapdog media.

They have shown nothing but intractable contempt for the protesters since the day the convoy started. At first they wouldn’t report on it at all. When they realised it was too big to ignore, they went into full bore attack mode, and have been in that mode for the whole 22 days so far.

Contemptible state agents have been baying for blood ever since the first day of the protest. You got what you wanted Henry, and we see your crocodile tears

The lies and smears just came down in torrents, and anyone doubting it was all co-ordinated by the PM’s media division would have to be one of the typically gullible knuckle draggers noted above.

The narrative pushed by the progressive-left activists who pose as our media followed the PM’s rhetoric exactly, and included the additional refrain that the police “just had to do something soon”.

So as Ardern finally sweeps away any doubt that she is the tyrannical socialist despot we always knew she was, what about that other essential ingredient, the submissive opposition?

The decree that Luxon and Seymour should never have signed up to. (click to enlarge)

Both National leader Christopher Luxon and ACT leader David Seymour couldn’t wait to use the same violent rhetoric as the PM in dismissing the protesters. In fact, they scrambled to sign the PM’s initial decree saying she would not acknowledge what she termed an “illegal protest”.

A decree that set the scene for everything that happened afterward and especially the violence of yesterday and last night. Luxon and Seymour, if they’d half a brain between them, should never have put their name to the statement. Especially Seymour, but he was as limp as a plastic straw in a blast furnace.

So how the hell do we escape the fate that looks to be steaming down on us like an out of control express train? We need to somehow dismantle everything listed above that is allowing Ardern her victories.

Its not easy, but it must begin with repairing the education system. Taking it out of socialist control and starting to teach kids knowledge again.

Its almost funny. We were desperately focused on and fearful of Covid19, when the far more dangerous virus was Jacinda Ardern, and she was elected twice. The second time by popular vote.

Alternative reality. Stuff owner praises her “journalists” for their “honesty”.

Russian dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said while imprisoned in the gulags that “we simply deserved everything that happened after”. He was talking about the Soviet Union, but its a pretty accurate assessment of New Zealand today.

Fifty years of an incremental socialist march through our institutions, and we did little (if anything) to stop them. Now, we’re in their death grip.

Then again, that could well be what the protest is really about.


  • I think the change in our schools and what we teach kids these days needs to wait till we get our nation from under jacinda jackboots. As for National and Act I think back to ww2 in Holland, trators were given swift justice and no quarter given for good reason. I despise them almost more than adern.

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  • It does seem as if nothing but a miracle will save us from the filthy pit of depraved despot Ardern’s brand of socio-communism. The outcome we have now, of the “march through the institutions,” may well carry an antigen that would prevent the same process being used in a reverse way to recover our national sanity.

    Never mind a one party state arrangement; we have all parties presenting the same poison.

    Some sort of modern-day Guy Fawkes phenomenon might be needed. If it succeeded.

    In fact there is not much any Western country can do about the Ukraine situation. Because we’re broken. After decades of moral, social and economic decay incrementally inflicted by “progressive” govts, we’re weak, divided and poverty stricken, and in no shape to enter a war, even if it was warranted.

    Additionally, we’ve suffered endless anti-Western brainwashing that has reduced most of our fighting age males to nail biting neurotics.

    We’ve also made a habit of prosecuting any soldiers who actually showed the ability to fight, and loaded up the command structure with trans-sexuals and God knows what else. Because diversity is more important than actually defending the country.

    Besides, the problem runs deeper than the questionable qualities of the people at the top of society. The larger calamity is that our societies now discourage heroism and bravery.

    We have virtually pathologised these virtues. We’re told to run and hide in the event of a terror attack. Emergency services are so tied up in red tape that they often don’t venture into life-and-death situations until they know it’s safe to do so. Younger generations are educated to obsess over their self-esteem, and to view every slight or controversial comment as an intolerable assault on their very being.

    Our society nurtures fragility and self-obsession more than it does the great civic virtues of courage and pluck. If Russia came here, I just cannot envision our youths preparing petrol bombs, as young Ukrainians have done. Surely they’d be seeking out the ‘safe space’ where they so often take refuge from hurtful words and ideas.

    Excerpts from The Spectator


  • A falling HOUSING market as ruined many a government.
    That is on the way, as the high OIL PRICE will send the USA into recession, as it has done many times before.


    • USA have an abundance of oil, but like NZ, they have a pro-communist government intent on stuffing their respective economies and social fabric. Come on New Zealand, wake up to this PM and her lackeys, all intent on the ruination of our once proud and prosperous nation.


  • I don’t know whether I made this point clearly or strongly enough in my post above- the path that took us to the violent confrontation at parliament yesterday was planned from day one of the protests. Ardern’s inner circle of cowards and communists meet often with the media. Some media have admitted these meetings occur every Monday week. Its more likely they occurred daily during the time of the encampment.

    The purpose of these meetings is to establish ongoing strategies that further the govt’s aims, both long and short term. The primary strategy Ardern and her advisors embraced was to destroy the protest and the protesters, to send the message not to try this ever again.

    Secondary strategies were a media offensive. Ardern’s propaganda outlets thunderously promoted the idea that the protesters were bad people and that they therefore did not warrant dialogue. They also endlessly pushed the line that the protesters had “made their point and they should now go home”. This was all a psyop coming straight from the daily/weekly strategy meets.

    Another part of this strategy was the Police message, saying they were reluctant to use force but they would if they had to. Of course this too was a lie. The aim was always to use force, they just had to wait until the first part of the strategy, the total demonisation of the protesters by the govt’s media agents had been accomplished. Public opinion had to be manipulated to support the police’s brutality before they engaged in it.

    This is what I am trying to highlight in my post above. The covert and co-ordinated govt/ media/ establishment campaign to take down the protesters.

    This was not just a Covid19 protest. It was a protest about years of socialist corruption of our country and the democratic process. Ardern and her thug control group knew this, and this is why they dealt with it as they did. They wanted to send a message. “Don’t ever try this again, and if you do, the consequences will be much worse”.

    Now, the question is, do the public buy this message, or will it spur them to greater revolutionary acts? Only time will provide that answer.

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    • My friend, your final para is the thing keeping me awake at night. Having gleefully handed over all of their – and my – liberties in fear of the virus, many people are now aghast to learn there are others unafraid, and unwilling to relinquish those same liberties. The government has used these ignorants in their propaganda war, before unleashing their shock troops to beat down those who refuse to buckle under the Red Queen’s constant emoting, harrying, coercing, mandating.

      I don’t believe we are yet at the point of “greater revolutionary acts”; I may be naïve and overly optimistic, but still have some slim hope the ship can be righted. Sadly though, the day quickly comes closer when the only option will be a more kinetic response. On the one hand, I pray that day never comes. On the other, I hope it comes quickly so I can do the suffering and my children can attend to the rebuilding.


  • One of the best quotes ever.

    We’ve been conditioned to think that only Politicians can solve our problems.
    But at some point,maybe we will wake up and recognize that it was the Politicians who created our Problems.

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    • Interested to read that the police are going to be investigating those behind the violence at the protest. I’d bet my house a lot of it was engineered by ANTIFA. Apparently they had a webpage up advocating the setting of fires etc. Anyone know anything about that please email.

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      • There are a few commenters whose opinions I’ve come to trust suggesting that at least one of the fire-starters was a policewoman. Given the events of the past few days, it would surprise me not at all to learn the police had sent agents provocateur to start trouble and give them the excuse for which they were itching, to get their bash on.

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  • “Fifty years of an incremental socialist march through our institutions, and we did little (if anything) to stop them. Now, we’re in their death grip.”

    The tighter the grip the more that slips through their fingers!

    The key is to wake people up to the massive lies of the media and the podium of truth, far too many people still believe that junk. How the hell do we wake masses of people up tho that in all honesty just dont want to?

    As for the kids im reminded of a great George Carlin line.
    “Dont just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read, teach them to question EVERYTHING”

    I completely lost my faith in the school system of NZ, we talked for ages and we were on the fence for almost a year and then one day the tipping point came home in the form of a small piece of paper my daughter hadnt handed back to teacher.
    It was a pre written fill in the blanks letter to jacinda ardern, it was climate change garbage calling on jacinda arderm to ban cars and farming to save our oceans and planet. We are rural and farmed since i left school and these *$##$* were conditioning my children to hate our way of life and income so now we homeschool.

    Another disturbing episode was when the whole nation was glued to our tv screens as jacinda plunged our nation into lockdown almost 2 years ago, my then 5yr old son yelled out “thats the lady that reads us books and gives us lollies”, needless to say i was stunned and confused had jacinda been to my kids school in the past few weeks?. Turns out jacinda has a dvd of her reading her clown book and it gets played in all the schools and they hand out lollies to all the kids, this is blatant and disgusting brainwashing targetting primary aged children.
    The rot starts young Red, i pity those kids and parents that dont realise what is getting drummed into our children whilst not in our care.

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  • Another accurate article – thankyou. Labour and Jacinda are appalling- but we knew that 3 years ago. What this protest has done is expose the moral rottenness of the National Party. As a long time national voter, I’m done with them. Cowards, no convictions on anything and out of touch with ‘ordinary’ people.. Luxon, Muller, Willis, Bishop, Mitchel, etc should all go join Labour – where they belong. I have spoken to quite a few National voters and they all massively disillusioned. And, I hope Act is booted out at the next election – for good.

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