Ukraine- a convenient diversion as Ardern’s failures accelerate

Ardern says she felt “despair” at the news of Russia’s Ukraine invasion. She more likely did one of her little dances of glee, for if ever she needed a political diversion, she needs it now.

Under pressure on vaccine mandates, rising poverty, inflation and debt, Three Waters and He Puapua (separate Maori government) Putin’s adventure in the Ukraine was a heaven send for the increasingly faltering PM.

Should Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine matter to NZers? There may be unwelcome effects (like high energy prices) but there is still not a damn thing we can do about it.

Nanaia Mahuta was appointed Foreign Affairs Minister not only because she was a Maori woman, but because she was a Maori woman who thought the “right” way

In fact there is not much any Western country can do about it. Because we’re broken. After decades of moral, social and economic decay incrementally inflicted by “progressive” govts, we’re weak, divided and poverty stricken, and in no shape to enter a war, even if it was warranted.

Additionally, we’ve suffered endless anti-Western brainwashing that has reduced most of our fighting age males to nail biting neurotics. They see their main function in life as being doormats for the radical Marxist feminists who now hold most of the power in our societies.

A woman can be as dumb as a box of hammers, but if she thinks the right way, she’ll be shoved into a leadership position. To compound this problem, smart women who don’t think the “right” way will be kicked downstairs with the men.

We’ve also made a habit of prosecuting any soldiers who actually showed the ability to fight, and loaded up the command structure with trans-sexuals and God knows what else. Because diversity is more important than actually defending the country.

Many Western Defence ministers are gender hires

As well as destroying our fighting ability, we’ve seriously depleted our energy resources. While China and Russia have been busy building nuclear and coal fired power stations, and drilling for oil and gas, the West has plunged headlong into the infinite stupidity of “renewable energy”.

With our economies already in a perilous state, we’re now looking at even greater increases in energy prices than we have suffered so far. Oil is going to go astronomical. China and Russia hold all the energy cards, and that’s because Western leaders have unwittingly dealt them that hand.

Or did the leaders who have driven us to this precipice know that they were empowering Russia and China? There are only two possible answers. No, they did not know it, meaning they’re intolerably stupid, or yes, they knew it, and they did it on purpose. Meaning they’re traitors to the West. Take your pick.

Voters believed they had a choice each election. When really they’ve just been voting for the same old anti-western uniparty every time. Ardern and Luxon (for the most recent examples), are like peas in a pod. Both “climate change” fanatics and both welded to the destructive World Economic Forum ideology of globalist Klaus Schwab.

Writer Marc Morano on Tucker Carlson Tonight explains concisely how so called “green” or “progressive” energy policies have weakened the West and advantaged and emboldened Russia and China

And people will rush out and vote for one or the other of these damn fools and so we will  continue to destroy our energy base and thereby boost the fortunes of China and Russia.

That’s if we’re still able to vote. China is watching what is happening in the Ukraine, and will note well the weakness of the West. They saw our humiliating collapse in Afghanistan, and how we ran from there leaving $billions worth of sophisticated arms behind for the enemy to capture. A capitulation even weaker and more despicable than the Vietnam defeat.

The Chicoms could well decide its a good opportunity to put their long held plans to invade Taiwan into practice. Or they could go further, and come down through the Pacific taking Australia and New Zealand and any other weak Western democracies that stood in their way.

Who is going to stop them? Joe Biden? Boris Johnson? Justin Trudeau? Scott Morrison? Or God help us, Jacinda Ardern? Nope. No one will stop them, because they can’t. And maybe that’s been the idea right from the start.

So if there is indeed an election in 2024, NZers should try not to vote for the same anti-Western “progressives” they’ve been voting for for five decades or more. This time, they need to make their vote count for something other than their own country’s social and economic destruction. It might well be their last chance to do so.


  • Wonderful, factual article, once again. It is a wonder Arden has not come out in full support of Putin, he being of the same ideological mould. Now is the time when she will be gettting a her communist legislation ready to invoke. Why has no one mentioned her bringing muslim criminals from Manus Island to our shores? Surely we have enough of these Labour supporting problems here already. Bet she is sending secret messages to her comrade Putin daily.


  • “So if there is indeed an election in 2024, NZers should try not to vote for the same anti-Western “progressives” they’ve been voting for for five decades or more. This time, they need to make their vote count for something other than their own country’s social and economic destruction. It might well be their last chance to do so.”

    Red we have a major problem, when your voting options are just a different side of the same coin whats the bloody point?

    Election rigging is viewed as ballot/count manipulation but has anyone taken into account of election rigging in the form of essentially all sides being the same party/agenda?
    Right now in nz that seems to be the case, a vote for luxon may aswell be a vote for jacinda. It dosent matter who we vote for NZ still stays on the same trajectory and hepuapua etc will continue infact i think woke luxon will accelerate hepuapua and cement it faster then jacinda.


  • Red you do it every time…..but this one is exceptional!!!
    You can bet Ardern is cooking up her next move, her phone will be red hot on the Klaus Schwab direct line…..
    Luxon is her evil twin and is more interested in making friends in high places than getting his hands dirty…..

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  • I concur with the comments.

    What alternative option?

    Not one of the drones in the beehive is worth voting for. Winston First included.

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  • “Red we have a major problem, when your voting options are just a different side of the same coin whats the bloody point?”

    Yes, an accurate observation of course, and I had imagined that the answer to this dilemma would have been self evident. Either the National party must be changed or a more responsive party needs to be born, nurtured and developed as a challenge to the completely unsatisfactory status quo.

    Neither task is easy, especially in view of the left’s death grip on our media, academia and public institutions, but one or the other must be accomplished if our downward trajectory is to be changed.

    Perhaps its not sensible, but I still hold to the hope that there is a big part of the electorate who will respond positively to the chance to vote for something else, as long as they are actually offered that opportunity. A change that is real, that confronts those aforementioned forces, and is presented by someone who will not be cowed by them. (This part is the most important)

    Nevertheless, the final message must be that to keep voting for the Nats in their present state on the basis that they are the lesser of two evils, or that “I will vote for anyone as long as it gets Cindy out” is an irrational and self defeating response to our problems.

    The hard left in Labour Greens and elsewhere are of course a problem, However it is the politicians who claim to oppose them but are in fact their enablers who are the greater problem. We simply must find a way to fix this.


  • The gerrymandering went so deep that voting for a WEF clone is inevitable and pointless. Expect more beehive protests, and that the gerrymandered system will crack down ruthlessly as it gets more desperate. They’ve invested so much in this BS system to just walk away from some protestors and hand the keys of power over. Politicians serve their paymasters, not the people. Reality serves reality, and will punch you hard in the nose regardless of your gender.

    That people are waking up to the wall to wall propaganda is good. Those impacted by vaccine mandates are hardened and bitter enemies of the system. They will never forget. A good option will arise. By their works you will know them, not their words.

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