Media today will never support freedom protesters

“Hold the line” is an important aphorism of the Freedom Protesters in Wellington, and bless them and their courage for this resolution, but they should not forget another aphorism of similar importance and that is “stay the course”.

Recent moves to alter their original stance and offer olive branches to a deceitful media that has pilloried the protesters from the start are a mistake. Today in NZ the MSM is constantly the enemy of the people, and the craven ally of the powerful, and there is a huge amount of evidence to support this claim in today’s (Sunday) newspapers, radio and television.

Sure, there is the odd token piece which veers slightly off message, but the overpowering narrative is 95% opposed to the protests, and underpinned by distortions, exaggerations and vicious lies.

Appearing on the left wing Bill Maher show in the US, writer Vivek Ramaswamy gives a point of view on the protests you will never hear from the craven Ardern lapdogs that make up the NZ media

What the protesters should not lose sight of is that without the massive propaganda campaign willingly waged by the media for the govt, things would never have got to the stage where the protests became necessary.

Ardern herself, in of all places her opening address to Joe Biden’s laughably named “Democracy Summit”, admitted the media were on her payroll. She said the primary purpose of her $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund was to “combat online misinformation”.

Things haven’t changed. NZ’s MSM are still on Ardern’s payroll and they’re still flat out producing misinformation and the most hateful bigoted anti-protest propaganda. Articles categorised as news that are full of pejorative terms, and opinion pieces that go much further in unleashing unrestrained hatred.

TV One’s Jack Tame has been a leader in the media’s attacks, and today he is trying hard to convince Police Commissioner Coster to use jackbooted Trudeau type force against the protesters. Tame is also highly critical of the Commissioner’s failure to stop the protest in its early stages.

The irony is that Tame and his pro-govt group-think colleagues conspired to refuse to report on the protest, or acknowledge the huge support it had in the community. Therefore the Police were caught completely off guard by its true magnitude. By the time they did wake up, it was too late.

New media is replacing legacy media overseas, and the same thing will eventually happen in New Zealand. Below is a cut from the recently established GBNews in the UK that stands in stark contrast to Tame’s weak compliant propaganda.

In the UK, GBNews host Mark Dolan provides a point of view contrasting markedly with the Stasi style pro Trudeau rhetoric of fake NZ newser Jack Tame

Stuff “journalist” Andrea Vance

The most disgusting and cowardly anti-protest article today though comes from Irish import and ex News of the World scribbler Andrea Vance. Her article is headlined “The Trumpism spilling out onto Parliament’s lawn is the new virus” and is based on the idiotic claim that Donald Trump is an evil fascist dictator whose influence is driving the Freedom protests in NZ. She writes-

“The small but vocal minority currently tearing up Parliament’s lawn are the unwelcome arrival of Trumpism in New Zealand. It was an extreme far-right ideology that attacked democracy and normalised violence against progressive agendas, liberal cultures and the media. 

The protest shares all of Trump’s worst characteristics: childish behaviour, wild lies, insult-spewing, ignorance, extravagant promises and unreasonable demands. There is a disrespect for elite norms and predilection for conspiracy theories.”

There is much more in the same vein, but its just too off the planet to bother with. Suffice to say that if it was written by any right winger criticising the left, it would probably be termed “hate speech”. Only in a fake news outlet like Stuff could someone as bigoted, politically ignorant and generally uninformed as Andrea Vance hold the position of “senior journalist”.

Curia poll shows political allegiance of Wellington protesters (percentages rounded)

Update: Curia polling commissioned by The Platform confirms the absurdity of the “extreme right” allegations of Stuff’s Andrea Vance and other fake newsers in the NZ media. The greater majority of the protesters are politically aligned with NZ’s main center-left center-right parties. The largest grouping by far is the current govt Labour-Greens faction at 46%.

The Freedom protesters should remember Aesop’s fable of the frog and the scorpion, where the frog was persuaded by the scorpion to carry him on his back across the river. Halfway across, the scorpion stings the frog, and they both die-

“Logic, cried the dying frog as he started under, bearing the scorpion down with him, there is no logic in this! I know, said the scorpion, but I can’t help it. It’s my character.”

The goals the freedom protesters seek will not be met in New Zealand under the current oppressive social/ political structure, and a corrupted media is the cornerstone of this structure. Such goals will only be met when today’s media is lying broken and beaten in the ruins of their own self destruction.

Wellington protesters should not be as gullible as the murdered frog, and we should never forget that the media today, a fake media really, are the enemy of the people. They will sting us all to death if we are silly enough to believe they are ever going to be our allies.


  • I think we need to be using the term ‘Enemedia” in all our conversations about them in future, because that is what they are our enemy and enemy of freedom loving people.


  • The media are just common prostitutes. They spread their legs and dispensed with their morals the second they saw the dollar signs!


  • We must never forget that a large chunk of the NZ population over – say – 65, have no idea of the taxpayer-funded $105M government interests journalism fund, as their ‘news’ diet is supplied by the fraudulent newspeakers @ RNZ and TVNZ. Worse: they still believe the bias, deception, lies and spiel.

    I know that to be a fact, based on personal communications. Recently, I printed and snail-mailed some information to my old friend, hoping he’ll see the deceit. He’s no intellectual slug, yet is a witless fellow-traveller to the carefully cultivated nudges and deception.

    Here’s something from last year . . .

    18 July 2021
    New journalism fund’s first bribes unveiled

    The initial list of grants from the government’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund has been published – against a backdrop of criticism it could skew reporting on political issues.

    Radio NZ Item.

    At a NZ on Air summit in June, NZ on Air’s recently appointed Head of Journalism Raewyn Rasch told media representatives they had failed to fully grasp the need for them to be collaborateurs.[French]

    Oh? Interesting root word choice. Maybe quisling would be better than collaborateur? (Both words relate to working with enemy occupying forces.)

    Minister of Broadcasting Kris Faafoi insisted that the ‘grants’ would be dispensed at arm’s-length from all politicians, saying that the government’s broadcasting funding agency NZ On Air has that job. And – guess what? Its board members are appointed by none other than Government Propaganda Minister, Kris Faafoi.

    Pull the other leg, Kris! No one believes that for a moment – probably not even you.

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  • Agree completely regarding the significance of the MSM in all of this. But when they say “the government funding doesn’t influence us” – I think to a large extent they are telling the truth. The funding keeps the lights on for them – but they would do what they do for free because they are soaked in the same ideology. Stopping the funding could be easily done. Stopping the ideology is a different matter – that has deep roots in our compromised education system.

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    • Agree and understand fully Darryl. Although I would add that the funding could well cause them to think about their choice of words when composing the infrequent anti-govt pieces they write. Especially in respect of TOW/Maori issues. Make sure they’re not too critical, to the point of really pissing their funders off.

      Read recently where the Morrison govt is going to introduce a similar PIJF scheme in Australia. Despair!

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    • Journalism used to be about holding the powerful to account. Now they use their clout to try and beat down and dox the average citizen for merely wanting their view heard. It is a complete abrogation of their societal role.
      The majority of the public has wised up and no longer pay good money for their dribble, hence they have reverted to stealing your taxpayer money to do it.
      Without that money they would surely disappear into the night or be rapidly down-sized.
      Time for taxpayers to stand up and make it happen.

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    • Stop the funding and they are gone, most having only highly discounted advertisers, who are diminishing daily.
      If we are buying anything of value we check to make sure the retailer or supplier do not support any MSM.


  • ….. and the frog said “why did you sting me, now we both will die”, th which the scorpion replied “RACIST”.


  • Media are whores to their advertisers. The biggest ad spenders in America are drug companies [RFK’s Fauci book]. NZ is doubly cursed, as not only is the pharmaceutical industry big advertisers, but the Labour Party are bigger. A monolithic block of influence, and subservience to the vaccine mantra. The vaccinators want to inject babies in perpetuity. Stocks must go up you see, free market forces, and all that. There’s profits to worship.


  • LOL, the Tame newsreader.
    Maybe he is so dumb as to think he is actually being paid for his wonderful autocue reading ability?
    Absolute puppet.

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    • It is ironic to hear Ardern stating she funded MSM (with our money), so we would receive honest and truthful news. Disinformation is all they have produceed for the last two years, this being the result of Ardern controlling editorial policy, and they employing only left-wing acolytes. She is not only a liar, but a traitor to New Zealand, especially taxpayers. I have been around many years and have never detested a PM or government like these leeches.


  • Does anyone actually still read the likes of Vance etc…I mean she and stuffed are pretty well irrelevant aren’t they?


  • money = root of all evil = government and their bedmates – the media
    They should never be trusted again whilst we have politicians that feed them……

    Keep the truth coming Red…..


    • Slight mis-quote, there. Love of money, rather than money, unqualified.

      But your points holds true, nonetheless.


  • As RB observes, there is so much tangible proof to choose from. There are no depths of disinformation depravity that the NZ prostitute media propagandists won’t sink to.

    A STUFFed item today: “Tell the protesters to go home’: Petition surpasses 95,000 signatures:”
    “Two movements calling for an end to the anti-mandate protests are gaining momentum, with the organisers saying the majority of people have had enough. A petition saying the Wellington protesters should go home has gained more than 95,000 signatures in a week, while a new social media counter protest has also been launched.”

    Wow! Two counter protests are gaining momentum. Below is a screen shot of the on-line petition taken at 2.00pm 21 Feb 2022

    But, guess what? On the same web site is another petition in support. Another screen shot taken at the same time.

    Did STUFFEd mention that one? Don’t answer that!

    All those involved should consider refraining from any references to minority and majority. Based on a population of five million, all the percentages are insignificant.


  • Jack Tame is one of the younger generation who think they know it all and want everyone to believe it.
    It’s people like him, that, if the bullets started flying, he’d be running for cover and hiding, so why do people even bother listening to him.
    he and vance, I use small letters deliberately here, are practicing their vitriolic attacks on people they are accusing of doing that exact same thing. Hypocrisy comes easy to cowards amd traitors and karma will occur at some point, so we are all wasting our precious time even acknowledging their existence.😎

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    • We – maybe so. But if we don’t speak up, the rest – the great unwashed – will continue to believe their deceit.

      However, as I’ve long since reconciled myself to, those who most need to read of, see and understand the manipulative lies of the NZ prostitute media propagandists’ will never see things like this blog.

      Even if they did, I can imagine the closed-mind reaction being a dismissive: oh, another ‘conspiracy theorist!’


  • Jack Tame = smug little oxygen thief