Complaints about Freedom Protests reek of hypocrisy

On Friday almost 30 Wellington so called ‘leaders” issued an open letter to the Freedom Protesters at parliament house asking them to end their “illegal” protest. The opening sentence of the letter reads

We the undersigned ask that the current illegal protest activities in and around the Parliament precinct end immediately. 

and it ends with this statement-

The people of Wellington have had enough of this illegal activity, harassment and disruption, we ask that it end immediately.

Note two uses of the word “illegal”. Among the signatories are Green Party leader Jimmy Shaw, Treasurer Grant Robertson, and National party deputy leader Nicola Willis.

So it would appear that the alleged harassment and disruption aside, the so called ‘illegality’ of the protest is a big deal to the letter writers.

Not long ago, these same three politicians were seen conniving at schoolkids bunking school to attend climate change protests. Considering what a chronic problem absenteeism is one would think politicians in particular would be far more circumspect about encouraging it.

Nicola Willis, Grant Robertson and James Shaw on parliaments steps, where they all addressed “Climate Strike” kids who should by law have been at school

Given the kids broke the law to attend, the school climate strikes could easily qualify as illegal. Yet not only were they endorsed by politicians but also by teachers and activists and media across the country.

An academic and climate journalist applauds a profane sign at the schoolkids’ “climate strike” demonstrations

What’s more there were signs at these protests that would be at least as offensive as any seen at the Freedom protests. Not only was there plenty of profane language, signs also advocated for the culling of boomers from society and taking pensions off elderly people. How cruel is that?

Sign at climate protest in Wellington advocates for “boomers” to be euthanised (by injection)

The people who signed the letter are at the least guilty of extremely selective morality, and maybe even rank hypocrisy, especially in the instance of Jimmy Shaw, who was reported in Stuff News in March 2019 as saying-

“When you are trying to get the attention of those whom you feel have let you down, following the rules and marching on the weekend isn’t going to cut it. A protest isn’t a protest if it’s on the terms of the very people you’re raising your protest with.”

So here is Shaw saying not only that protests don’t need to follow the rules, but its best they occur on weekdays so as to cause maximum disruption to businesses and workers and commuters. Hypocrisy of an astonishingly high degree when its exactly those issues that were the core of his complaint yesterday.

Its not really about the illegality or the alleged harassment and disruption. The main reason the letter writing nomenklatura don’t approve of the protest is because they know that they are the targets of what is essentially a long building popular uprising. A fight back against oppressive and dictatorial govt that has been guilty of massive over-reach not only in matters of Covid19 control but in many other matters of govt as well.

Like the fear mongering media, they want to distract from the main issue and the plain and simple fact that the solution to the protests is to drop the vaccination and mask mandates.

The way many overseas countries have already done as they acknowledge that Omicron is not much more than a cold or flu. Yesterday one of the country’s senior medical experts appeared on Radio NZ and confirmed this fact. Dr Bryan Betty made the following statement-

People with more than one brain cell know Ardern cannot rationally make the argument for continued mandates and shut downs. The protesters are right in their demands, and the buck stops with the PM. If she is sincere about ending the protests, she must stop her fear mongering, stop trying to distract from the real issue and agree to end the mandates. Now.

Listen to Checkpoint interview with Dr Bryan Betty yesterday wherein he is critical of media for creating unnecessary fear and anxiety over the Covid Omicron strain.


  • Brilliant as usual, Red. Keep up the good work.


  • The progression goes . . .
    Inconsistent. Disingenuous. Hypocritical. Deceptive. Bare-faced liars.

    “Europe is accelerating steps to roll back coronavirus restrictions as efforts to control the fast-spreading omicron variant have been largely futile.

    Under pressure from a pandemic-weary public, politicians across the region are deeming many public-health measures increasingly unnecessary. Italy, Switzerland and Finland are set to join Denmark, Ireland and France in easing the bulk of restrictions on public life. Norway also relaxed most rules.”
    2 Feb 2022

    What reason can there be for the continued anti-covid diktats of this megalomaniac-authoritarian-PM?

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  • New Zealanders are in an unenviable position compared to the citizens of other countries pushing back against these abominable mandates; we have no opposition in our parliament standing up for us and calling out the behaviour of our government for what it is -TYRANNY.

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  • As has been said, we have no opposition. apparently, they all have signed up to the doctrine of Cindy. What a lot of cowards. They are trapped inside something of their own making. National once had people who walked when they disagreed with the Leader.
    Not anymore. Marylin Waring and Mike Minogue come to mind. Even Jim Anderton, Winston formed his own new party and Tariana Turia did the same.
    Did Simon choose to do that? Obviously, the Nats have decided to stop that with some hocus pocus contract that is to all intents and purposes and attempt to usurp the electoral system.

    there is something bad in that house.

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  • Does NZ now essentially have a grand coalition by default?

    Since about april 2020 weve essentially had very little opposition on covid with the exception of david seymour but he quickly got corrupted somehow and now sings from jacindas song sheet.

    If jacinda is so confident in her decisions on her leadership, mandates etc then put it to the people to choose!

    She wont because she knows shes lost control and its snowballing quickly and any input from the population will mean humiliation and defeat… something narcissists dont deal with very well.

    The Govt lost this the day trev turned on the sprinklers and bad music, that revealed the govts hand and the fact they have guns but no ammo.

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    • If an adjective stronger than “Hateful” could be produced it would be applicable to this harridan PM and its lackeys.


  • Try to keep my posts under 800 words, but when you start writing on the hypocrisy of media/ politicians there is so much material. One example I had to leave out is the storming of police road blocks by cyclists who wanted a bike track over the harbour bridge. If the Wellington protest is illegal, so was this Auckland one.

    However no one in the media called it that, and a few weeks later a $765 million bike bridge was announced. Don’t recall that there was any enforcement action taken against the protesters either.

    So what we learn from all this is just that the media/political offensive against the Wellington protest is just the worst kind of cowardly propaganda, hypocrisy and lies. Typical of the Ardern govt’s approach to almost every issue, and still the media back them.


  • Not only do the NZ media propagandists “back them,” they also rail against accusations of pro-governmnet bias.

    Methinks they doth protest too much.


  • Red you are always on point…..
    Ardern would not know truth if it stared her in the face……..what money can buy is simply appalling and the current bunch of lying tossers are proof that there has been a hell of alot of it splashed around….
    Stand firm Freedom Convoy you are rattling the political cage…..