Luxon repeats Jacinda Ardern’s false narratives

Canada’s opposition Conservative party has come out strongly in support of the protesting truckers, and entered a motion into parliament to end Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates.

If you were expecting the NZ National party to show similar courage and political acumen, you’re right out of luck. Chris Luxon held a press conference this afternoon where his rhetoric on the protesters was underpinned entirely by the false narrative promoted by Jacinda Ardern and her bought media acolytes.

Canadian Conservative leader Candice Bergen states the party’s support for the protesting truckers and removal of mandates. She is saying exactly what Luxon should be saying in NZ

Ardern has been busy with propaganda today. She appeared on govt owned TV and radio stations and was given free rein to broadcast the most egregious misinformation.

Especially so on TV One where “diversity” hire Matty Mclean happily allowed her to malign the protesters and outright lie about who they were and what their aims were. Never once did he challenge the head bobbing arm-waving PM’s rancid distortions, exaggerations and mistruths.

She also appeared on The AM Show, the new breakfast show launched by Channel 3, now owned by the US Discovery network. To her credit, presenter Melissa Chan-Green tried to carry out a coherent and informative interview, but it was completely ruined by Ardern ignoring her questions and talking over her to repeat the propaganda she delivered on TV One.

It was probably one of the worst interviews ever from a sitting PM. Ardern put on a remarkable display of petulance, arrogance and downright dishonesty in attempting to relentlessly smear the protesters as violent and far right.

Ardern’s appearance on the AM Show was one of her worst appearances ever, proving she is rattled by the Wellington freedom protests

Ardern said the protesters had “abused” the media by asking them to tell the truth. How does this plain simple and badly needed request amount to abuse? In another attempted smear, she claimed the protest was inspired from overseas. What? If Melissa had been allowed to ask Ardern to name a protest that hadn’t been inspired from overseas, its a certainty Ardern would not have been able to name one.

It was clear that Ardern is very rattled by the protests and their magnitude. Her desperate lies and distortions show a woman under enormous stress.

A Nat party poster implores us to be part of the “reset”. Its clear why Barack Obama sought out Luxon for a one on one meet in NZ in 2018

If New Zealand had a real opposition, they could have a field day with Ardern’s weak anti-intellectual performances. However, when Luxon held a press conference this afternoon, his rhetoric was pretty much an echo of Ardern’s. (white supremacists etc)

The National party overall is too infiltrated by closet Marxists to wake up to what is going on with Ardern and her media acolytes and their constant false narratives. Either that or they’re just gutless pretenders.

National are apparently too stupid too to realise that many of the events used by the corrupt media to discredit the protests have been false flag events instigated by left wing activists, or just plain lies also injected into the narrative by the same activists. (the same people who attempted to sabotage the organisation of the convoy with false messages on social media).

Luxon’s press conference is below. A far cry from the courageous and definitive rhetoric of his Canadian counterpart, the conference was a reptilian surrender. When it really should have been a chance to confront Ardern on her propaganda campaign, and speak up with truth for the protesters.

Luxon follows the media’s false narrative and disappointingly uses similar rhetoric to Jacinda Ardern to malign the protesters

It shows how badly infiltrated the Nats are when even a left winger takes a more principled and brave stand. Dr Bryce Edwards of the Democracy Project is a leftie with a bit more sense than most of them (not saying much) but he spoke the truth on Radio NZ in a confrontation with extreme left Otago university academic and serial trougher Morgan Godfery.

Dr Edwards had been to the protest (every day he says) so he knew what he was talking about. Godfery just spouted the same unsubstantiated rubbish narrative that every other leftist (and Luxon) is spouting.

In the audio file above, Dr Bryce Edwards, a regular leftie from the Democracy Project, does a better job of defending the protesters and bringing truth to the narrative than Christopher Luxon does.

Ardern’s position is that because they are “bad” people, the protest is discredited and she will therefore not be talking to them or negotiating in any way. This is in line with the thug Trevor Mallard’s instruction to the media that they should not talk to the protesters.

An instruction that has been in most cases followed meekly by Ardern’s palace guard. Except for NewstalkZB’s Barry Soper, who to his credit told thug Mallard where to go.

Video footage of Mallard’s brutal strategies for ending the protest have destroyed Ardern’s “be kind” rhetoric and exposed her worldwide as the ruthless socialist tyrant she really is.

Some people say the false narrative she is pushing today is setting the scene for a major police operation similar to last Thursday’s thuggery. Maybe it is, maybe it is not.

If it happens it will merely confirm what we have always known about Ardern, and that is she is a dreadful and deceitful socialist philistine on a mission to destroy our pluralist democracy and replace it with a virtual one party state subjugated to UN rule.

And apparently Mr “Reset” Luxon is going to do all he can to help her.


  • Well it’s clear you’ll find more substance in your tiny bag of rice crackers on an AirNZ flight than what Mr Luxon would deliver.
    Paging a Mr Luxon to the national party departure gate, this is your final call.


    • The National Party has been subject to a coup by the Marxist left, and its a problem that has to be fixed if NZ is to claw its way back out of the Ardern mire.

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  • In Wellington right now there is a racist and radical minority that think they are above the law and its disgusting that our police and a large chunk of our population support them and think they’re doing the right thing…

    You think I’m talking about protesters? Nah I’m talking about the minority of 120 inside the beehive that are full of racists, radicals, thieves and all round corrupt filth.

    Since Simon Bridges was leader and the endless leaks and backstabbing from the filthy lefty infiltrators ran rife I could see the party in the beginnings of its death throes and the writing was on the wall for the party.

    Trying to explain to party loyalists what their party really stood for now was nigh on impossible but the last 2 months have now blinkered it in flashing neon lights. Anyone still thinking Luxon is NZ’s savior is as deluded and as brainless as a Cindy fan.

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  • Excellent piece, thanks, but before I forward the link to all and sundry, please change “free reign” to “free rein” (as in giving a horse free rein and not reining in the beast). And then delete my comment.


  • I think National have created another gender, spineless eunuch. I thinking they must castrate the men before they are allowed to be part of the party faithful

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    • Where are Bridges, Pugh, Kuriger, et al? They cannot possibly be in agreement with this woke stand being taken by Luxon. Stand up now or go down in the annals of history as political prostitutes.


      • Actually, the lack of leadership is all part of the plan, a result of years of beating down or excommunicating anyone who shows any sign of individuality, of mental strength, or of being able to think for themselves. Such people have been steadily banished to the metaphorical gulags and today we consequentially have a society of mush brained conformists too frightened to stick their head above the parapet even if they did still possess the intellectual wherewithall. Like the Soviet Union until a generation with a more independent and fearless mindset developed and tore it all down.

        Such devotion to mediocrity is a subset of the overall thrust which is the erasure of our identity and purposeful detachment from any ties to our family, or tradition, or God, or nation. We become sardines in a global school of billions of sardines, and that school all swims and flits and darts as one in the direction the govt appointed “progressive” elites (the Nomenklatura in the Soviet Union) command. Think and act differently at your peril.

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        • This comment is 100% on-the-button, Red. If you ever get a chance, ask Marc Alexander about his treatment at the hands of the National Party national hierarchy when he was the chair of the Christchurch branch. He dared question the leftwards lurch undertaken by Key and the traitor Finlayson, and was basically taken out behind the bike sheds. Removed from committee chair positions, kicked from his position in the Christchurch branch, and excommunicated from the party.

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  • Well written article and presents a lot of valid points. Politicians around the world are scared which is exactly why they behave in the fashion of Adern. They cannot accept losing the power they hold and the thigs they can do with it. Things will get worse before they get better and like any of the great ‘illegal’ protests it will be a fight.


  • Don’t forget the Nats. are full of the Popes people. and their friends from the Mormon church.


    • As a Catholic I should inform you that we have not had a Pope since 1958 with the death of Pope Pius XII. Freemasons took control of the next conclave and have been in control of the structures of the Church since. Freemasonry also founded the Mormon religion.

      If you wish to know the causes of the ills of modern society look to Freemasonry and the forces behind it. They have shaped the hearts and minds of generations to create this world in preparation for the beast system of the AntiChrist.

      The true Church of Christ, the Catholic Church will triumph in the end but only after a long and bloody war.


  • The PM’s nudge department has its work cut out. This situation is kinetic. We’ve a loose rabble of protestors breaking the ridiculous left/right paradigm and making a real grab at power. Luxon and Cindy’s puppet master will be alarmed. All those nudge narrative writers wasted their time. We have a super motivated minority of pissed off kiwis who don’t take bribes! Glorious.