ACT lives up to its yellow logo

Eureka! Apparently David Seymour has suddenly discovered there are sources of information outside NZ’s mainstream media.

The goofy ACT leader issued a press release today that included the following paragraph-

“Evidence from the UK is now showing tested infection rates twice as high for vaccinated as unvaccinated. If vaccination does not affect transmission of Omicron, then what is the justification for vaccine requirements?”

This may be news to David Seymour but its not to the millions who long ago turned away from biased govt owned mainstream news sources for outlets they can trust.

It is ironic too, that Mr Seymour’s sudden change of heart has been brought about only by means of the political pressure applied by the very protestors he has constantly maligned and rated as worthless in terms of votes.

“Sack them all!” say Australian freedom protesters at parliament house in Canberra yesterday (video courtesy of Australian Free Independent Press Network)

In fact it has been clear for many months that the vaccinations don’t work, and many authoritative sources state they actually lower natural immunity, thereby making the vaccinated more likely to become infected. A double blunder when it now appears natural immunity is the most effective remedy.

Official numbers on the ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated catching the virus appear to support this theory.

Official MOH figures show vaccinations are ineffective in stopping the spread of Covid19

Whatever David Seymour says now, its too little and its far too late. Political leaders have to be in touch with the public. Mr Seymour has proved himself far too detached from reality to hold the leadership position of any organisation and he has to go.

Especially when that organisation claims to have “freedom” as its focus, yet is blind and deaf to breaches of the Human Rights Act that have been unending for two years.

If Mr Seymour had had his ear to the ground as he should have, he would know that the future scenario for all who forced the vaccination on the public is looking exceptionally grim, not only morally but legally and financially. In backrooms, govts and corporates across the west are developing strategies for dealing with future protracted and costly legal proceedings.

We’re looking at a social and political upheaval that will shake the western world to its foundations.

Politicians who spent billions of taxpayer dollars buying a non-effective remedy, who derided more effective remedies, who fear-mongered  with wildly inaccurate modelling, who presented false death rates for the virus, who criminalised and persecuted dissenters and truth tellers, and who deliberately concealed fatal or crippling side effects are all going to be scrutinised and held responsible.

Many of us hope too that the despicable mainstream media, who completely failed to do their job in holding government to account and were therefore a major part of this deceit, will also be punished. God knows they should be!

Candidate for leadership of Canadian Conservative says what National Party leader Chris Luxon should have been saying from day one of the protest

As the truth comes to be revealed, we can’t thank journalists. It is only being forced into the open by a people’s uprising, and that uprising in most cases has been vilified by the cowardly media. In a stark display of treachery that has proved the contempt they have been held in for so long was more than justified.

In a huge demonstration in Australia, the crowd chanted “sack them all”. They did not just mean politicians. The media too, who enabled this fraud and this vicious unforgiveable assault of traditional western liberties with an onslaught of lies and fear mongering should also be sacked.

In Canada, even military leaders are speaking out against Trudeau’s tyranny.

In a rare demonstration of courage and principle, former National party MP Matt King resigned from the party in despair of its treachery to its electoral base. Everyone else in National deserves contempt in equal amounts to Jacinda Ardern, the Labour party and the thug speaker of the house Trever Mallard. Unless they too have the sense to quit the party.

Our govt, assuming so much power it has contravened every part of the Bill of Rights, is tyrannical, bullying and like all bullies, cowardly. Our opposition parties, infiltrated with Marxists who should rather be in the Labour party, are weak and ineffective. Our media are likewise despicable politically compromised Marxist harlots. Our country overall is a dysfunctional undemocratic quagmire.

That’s why the people are at last rising up. Really, they should have been doing it a decade ago.

UPDATE: Video from ex National MP Matt King (Northland)

Matt King has recorded a video message supporting and encouraging the Wellington protesters. Shame that to do this he had to resign from the National Party


  • On the button Redbaiter! I really haven’t figured out what Seymour is up to. It’s like he is trying to have a bob each way, but still managing to further alienate ex Act supporters. Does he not understand what Freedom of Choice, and Personal Responsibility mean? These are powerful reasons why thinking-people voted Act. Does he not get that such people will NEVER support mandates forced upon them by a government hell-bent on stripping them of their Rights as New Zealand citizens? Clarify your position, Mr Seymour, or just belt up!!

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  • What a great article. Seems Winston will be riding the waves in top form once again. I wonder if Matt King will join him, maybe Hipango also. Luxon, Willis, and Goodfellow need to go, wokeism, socialism and do gooding is not the National I have supported and been a member of for years. Keep up the good work Red . . . you are the man!

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    • It shows how dopey the strategists are in the National party that they apparently did not think that electing a bunch of Marxists to senior positions (including the leadership) would drive support for Winston, and not only make his comeback much more likely, but also increase his chances of meeting the 5% threshold. The party is useless in its current format, It is crying out for real leadership in all of its divisions.


  • I see that the Canucks have inspired the Aussies, now, too.

    Meanwhile, back in NZ . . .

    A very big problem I see is that they are all much the same. Comrade commissar Cindy, the Lux flake and David SeyLess really are different faces of the same evil problem.

    What is there to replace them?

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    • Any one would be better than the crap you half witted clowns voted in — David is our only hope — All you cock heads will probably want to put Peters back in power, totally forgetting he and his – toy throwing bullshit — got us into the mess we now find ourselves in.
      Get a grip you turkeys.


      • Support for ACT has halved in a couple of months. If the current incarnation of Mr Seymour is the only hope then there’s no hope.

        BTW, why would a freedom advocate as Mr Seymour claims to be have a soaking wet liberal swamp creature who has never had a real job in his life as Senior Advisor/ Chief of Staff? Maybe that’s a big part of the problem.

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        • Seymour has utterly disgraced himself during the course of the past two years, and moreso during the course of these protests. His support for the lockdowns, passports, mandates and other forms of oppression, his scorn and derision of the protesters revealed his inner despot. He is no different from the other 119 mendacious, tinpot-dictator scum in the Parasite Palace. His subsequent pronouncements about the mandates (per the article above) reveal him to be nothing more than a populist weasel, no better than Winston.

          And he’s the best of the Act bunch. Brooke van Velden is a green-left socialist, and as for Nicole McKee, don’t even get me started – she’s Nanaia Mahuta dressed in yellow.

          Act, National, Labour, Green, Apartheid. Tyrants of a feather.

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      • How well known was it beforehand just how bad a mess of things this bunch would make if they got in to power? Did anyone really nail their predictions or was it more of an awareness that we’d be making good time in the wrong direction? (Genuine question. I went offline 2014-2019 for a bit of a break and when I came back spent too much time mesmerized by the whole Trump saga and not enough figuring out our own drama and then it was 2020 and here we are). Amusing aside: one of the first online communities I found was r/newzealand where I temporarily lost all hope for the future and learned that the hivemind is about as pathetic as you’d expect.


    • why bother replacing? Since when have the politicians talking shop been of any use to anybody really? And being paid by taxpayers for it???

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  • A large part of the issue is that a large part of the electorate did give Jacinda a huge mandate for her approach during Covid, this definitely created a political problem for the right when they suddenly see the Labour party able to govern alone in its own right, something that MMP had never delivered before. Not helped by a National Party self-immolation on the eve of the election.
    So it was natural there is going to be a reluctance to criticise. I hardly think Mr Seymour needs to resign over it, indeed this is calling for some sort of level of ideological purity that nobody is going to be able to live up to.

    If you look at the Jordan Peterson video posted on the other thread, I think everybody bares some responsibility for ceding their rights too easily to government mandarins and not really participating in civic life. While we were doing that the left wing lunatics took charge of the asylum and went hog wild, only limited in their ability to do even more damage by their rank incompetence.
    The other point about a self-reinforcing loop established itself where governments ramped up fears of the virus, and then polled those same individuals to find they were fearful, hence justifying further rounds of measures is also well made.

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  • Thank you very much. Very encouraging and about time people like David Seymour woke up. I had hoped that if I could work this out, many others could too, and especially after nearly 2 years now. I am only very sorry I was not on the case earlier (it took me age 60 years to do so), but then it needed to get really, really bad for the whole world to wake up.

    People with degrees and PhD’s typically couldn’t, MSM journalists couldn’t (or wouldn’t!), NHS medics who should know better (but know very little worth knowing and I have suffered under their incompetence) didn’t.

    I say remove politicians by and large, they are a waste of space and money. Same for MSM journalists, same sadly for a great many doctors who have participated in what can only been described as grievous bodily harm and murder.

    Let the Nuremberg trials begin.

    Many thanks again.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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  • It’s a shame the only transparency we get is this super obvious political maneuvering. It’s offensive because they think it’s believable and more offensive still because there are those who do believe it. I hate realizing that his first thought on learning about this (whenever that was) must have been how solid sounding a reason it was for a pivot if such a pivot became necessary. I just genuinely can’t imagine this is the first he’s hearing of it. The trend in the data has been present for a long time and the shift from speculative to undeniable was months ago now. I even sent them some good analyses a few times naively hoping they were just being wrong cause they needed some technical help.

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