TV One provides a perfect example of media duplicity

You are probably very mistrustful of the media already, but do you know just what depths they can sink to to? Here’s a perfect example of how they slyly deceive.

TV One has been doing its best to destroy the credibility of the Wellington protesters. On Thursday they ran an item on the six o clock news centered on claims by “reporter” Kristin Hall that the behaviour of the protesters had made her nervous. (as discussed in the post immediately previous)

The item featured back up comment by one Byron Clark, who was described as a “Disinformation Researcher”. See video clip below.

Byron Clark warns TV One viewers that some Wellington protesters are inspired by the January 6th event in the USA, and that they may be “radicalised into violence”

Imagine that TV One was reporting on a protest by the activist group Auckland Action Against Poverty, and they brought in someone from say the perceived “far right” group Action Zealandia to comment on the demonstration. Imagine they did not identify this person as belonging to AZ, and presented him as an objective detached commentator, and gave him a lower third describing him as a “Disinformation Researcher”. As they did to Byron Clark.

Would the left or AAAP themselves consider this to be an example of principled reporting? Of course they would not.

Invert this situation and you have TV One’s Thursday night report on the anti-mandate protesters in Wellington, with Byron Clark taking the part of the unidentified Action Zealandia contributor. Except that Clark is of course an activist from the extreme left or communist sector of the political spectrum.

Screen grab of Byron Clark on TV One

Mr Clark has strong connections to the group Paparoa, who have identified themselves as NZ’s ANTIFA. Paparoa as a group is made up of far left subversives some who were arrested as part of the Tuhoe Terrorist group, infamous for conducting a Cuba/ Castro styled armed guerilla training operation based in NZ’s remote Urewera ranges in 2007. Well known extreme left activist Valerie Morse is connected to Paparoa and was one of those arrested. She faced three Arms Act charges for possession of weapons

Clark stood for the Christchurch council and Mayor under the banner of the communist “Worker’s Party”. Like Morse, he has taken stances favouring terrorist groups such as the Taliban and ISIS over western forces. He was a founding member of “Fightback, (struggle solidarity, socialism) an extreme left breakaway from the NZ communist party.

He was heavily involved in organising Occupy Christchurch, a group of communists and conspiracy theorists who occupied Hagley park for 160 days in 2011-2012.

Paparoa banner

The Paparoa group and Byron Clark work closely with likewise left extremist Newsroom reporter Mark Daalder to “expose” groups they perceive to be far right.

Daalder and his comrades pose as “investigative” reporters. In fact they are little but gas lighting far left activists attempting to smear anyone to the right of Joseph Stalin, and therefore the assumption that they should act as objective observers on anything, including the Wellington protests, is manifest nonsense.

Govt owned broadcaster TV One should not be presenting Byron Clark as an objective commentator, but they have done so on more than one occasion, without once revealing to viewers who he really is.

Kristen Hall has stated that when she asked protesters for examples of the media’s bias, they could not provide one. From now on, that shouldn’t be a problem. At least not for anyone who reads this article.

Next time anyone in the NZ media asks for an example of their dirty deceitful biased reporting, refer them to TV One and their stark breach of trust in presenting Byron Clark to their viewers as an objective commentator.


  • Thanks for the info Red – Just another clear example of how low the media has stooped – cannot watch them in any form but good to know what they continue to get up to…..
    They must be running low on ‘tools’ to have to drag out this individual…..

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    • Tv1 and Stuff hand in glove with the likes of the gutless weasels Mallard, Little, McNulty, Nash, et al. Cannot await the day they receive their “come uppances”


      • The real issue here is how close real communist operatives are to the mainstream media and the Ardern govt.

        While Daalder and his comrades beat up stories about “far right” involvement in the Wellington protests, the reality is that the NZ media is fully infiltrated by the extreme left, and their mission is to discredit and stifle any message that threatens their (and Ardern’s) long term objective.

        Paparoa, (really ANTIFA) even boast about these connections (see tweet screen grab). In NZ today, Daalder and his comrades are the unofficial Stasi, working to gaslight anyone they see as a threat to global communism. They’re deeply embedded in all sectors of NZ media, academia and bureaucracy. Newsroom and TV One are only the tip of the iceberg.


        • Let’s face it, Ardern was a self-avowed communist and it shows with her dictating editorial policy to media, of which they are compliant, by getting taxpayers’ funding. Noticed a number at the demonstration behaving like idiots, my grandson informed me four of them were left-wing mouths when at school, so how far have these scum infiltrated!


  • I suppose the only thing to be surprised at would being surprised by such blatant bias.

    I wonder how many protesters were asked that leading question? One or two plants, perhaps?

    1) How long after it started did the NZ prostitute media finally report on the Canadian truckers protest?
    2) How many vaccine-related deaths has the NZ prostitute media reported – and when?
    3) Will the NZ prostitute media inquire of the WCC if running sprinklers in breach of a water restrictions period (and in the rain!) will result in a prosecution?
    4) A healthy person with no symptoms but a positive covid test is a ‘case.’ Rather than hospitalisation, ICU occupancy and deaths, why is the NZ prostitute media reporting such cases if not fear-mongering,to inflate the numbers and support the Ardern government’s hysteria ?
    5) Remember the last W’gton protest? The NZ prostitute media grossly exaggerated the numbers downwards. Eventually photos of packed streets showed how much they’d lied.
    6) Almost every town, city and overbridge was festooned with supporters of the recent NI convoy as it made it’s way south. How much prominence did the NZ prostitute media give that?
    7) How long did it take for the NZ prostitute media to give significant coverage to the early days of the present protest as the convoys wended their way to W’gton?
    8) How much analytical coverage has the NZ prostitute media prominently given to the failed, wildly exaggerated covid cases and deaths ‘modelling,’ compared to reality.

    Any mention of this in the NZ prostitute media?
    “An astonishing 445 athletes, by definition the fittest people, have suffered cardiac arrest or serious injury following Covid vaccination and 261 have died. EU regulators recently warned that frequent booster shots could adversely affect the immune system.”

    The NZ mudstream media are Ardern government propagandist collaborateurs, all.

    About the only recent glimmer of objective reporting is here.


  • Well, maybe not?

    Israel confounds the promise of vaccines as the way out of Covid
    “On February 3, Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) reported Professor Yaakov Jerris, director of Ichilov Hospital’s coronavirus ward, as saying that between 70 to 80 per cent of serious Covid cases were triple vaccinated.

    ‘So, the vaccine has no significance regarding severe illness, which is why just 20 to 25 per cent of our patients are unvaccinated,’ he said.”

    A lot of o’seas nations are abandoning all covid restrictions. Why not NZ? Why is the NZ prostitute media not detailing that? A part-list:
    The Netherlands


  • Remember Muldoon’s accusation at the Labour government led by the incompetent Bill Rowling, about communists and featuring the ‘cossack dancers’ advert on TV? Perhaps it’s time for National to drag that out of the archives for this government is dictatorial. Perhaps it’s time for National and Luxon to front up. Luxon could easily have said he sympathised on the score of loss of democracy and freedom of speech and encouraged the protestors to do so responsibly. But instead he and Seymour failed to even appear. It raises the question, that if there is a world government plan to make the people subservient to government (communism?), is Luxon and Seymour in on the scheme? I sincerely hope not. So Dvd and Chrs get off your backsides and speak for the people.

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  • Are our media .. and our Elected Representatives (Members of Parliament) in league with the devil?
    It’s like the whole business of vaccination has some kind of hold over them all?
    I can understand this with government MP’s .. but what of those in the opposition?
    People like Winston Peters and Rodney Hide .. (and many others, who have served the people in the Beehive, but are not currently doing so) .. can see it .. why can’t our currently Elected Representatives?
    Are ACT and National asleep at the wheel?
    Is it just they have all been such a big part of the propaganda of lies and deception that have been thrust upon the public? (For is that not the only choice you have .. to call a situation where the truth has been so vigorously withheld?)
    Are they living in such a “bubble of truth” .. they are incapable of seeing what is going on, in the rest of the world?
    Have they vested so much in what they have been telling the people of New Zealand .. they can see no way out of the mess they are in, except to cling miserably to their narrative .. simply unwilling to make the transition to the ever-emerging truth?
    Are they so indoctrinated in what they have been inflicting upon the people of New Zealand .. they are unwilling to give up the authoritarianism, the power and control.
    What the hell is going on?