NZ Media- whining hypocritical political harlots

The collective of Jacinda acolytes propagating a coordinated stream of lies to the NZ public about the anti-mandate Freedom Protest don’t really deserve to be called media.

We call them that today only because its a convenient collective term for what is essentially a band of group think deceivers. Fake newsers who all signed on to publish Pravda style govt propaganda the instant they applied for grants from Ardern’s so called “Public Interest Journalism” fund.

Don’t believe this assertion? Here it is from the horse’s mouth, in Jacinda Ardern’s opening speech to Joe Biden’s farcical “Summit on Democracy” only a few weeks ago-

“We’ve also seen the spread of misinformation on Covid-19 particularly through social media. We had to act, so we made it a priority to establish a public interest journalism fund to help our media continue to produce stories that keep New Zealanders informed.” 

“Informed” is of course typical Ardern/ Orwellian double speak for “misinformed”. (If you’re still in doubt, the video is at this link.)

Never has this propaganda contract been of more value to the govt as during the media’s reporting on recent anti-mandate protests, and especially so in respect of events on the parliament forecourt on Thursday.

For months before Thursday’s event, the NZ media has done all it can do to discredit anti-mandate protests. Even, as in the instance of the Canadian Truckers “freedom convoy”, conspiring to keep such events hidden from the NZ public by completely refusing to report on them.

Australian media highlights that 7 people who died were unvaccinated. The real news is that 17 were vaccinated.

Last year, when farming group Groundswell organised massive protests right across the country, media cherry-picked placards and events so as to give a completely false picture of what the protests were really about. After a day or so reports on Groundswell had almost completely dropped out of the news cycle.

So media carried on, refusing to report on protests, and always, when they were finally embarrassed into reporting, making sure it was propaganda that showed the people at the protests in the worse possible light. (even suggesting the protesters were planning to construct Molotov cocktails)

While the immensity of the Canadian Truckers convoy was making headlines on legitimate overseas news services, there was nothing in the NZ news. When a similar convoy started in New Zealand, the mainstream media completely ignored its presence. Only people using social media knew what was happening.

As the convoy traveled through the country, it received enormous support. Still the MSM stubbornly refused to report on it, except for the most cursory mentions. It was only when they reached Wellington and started inconveniencing public servants and politicians that the media was finally forced into reporting it to the rest of NZ.

Gullible Twitter users discuss what they “saw on the news” apparently without any idea they are being manipulated

Since then they have consistently reported on the demonstrations in the worst possible terms, as per their contract with Ms Ardern.

So why are they surprised when the public holds them in contempt? Do they think we’re all as blind and misinformed as the gullible gape jawed morons who still tune into the nightly propaganda sessions they call news?

The political harlots who have commandeered the nation’s news services deserve all the criticism they get, and more. Not only is their reporting selective and biased, they have failed to challenge the govt on so many important issues. Jacinda Ardern daily lies to the public and gets way with it every time because she owns these people lock stock and barrel.

These partisan actors have betrayed their profession and effectively quashed the voice of hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders. They must therefore take a large portion of the responsibility for the Wellington protests, and more importantly, they must bear the anger directed at them. They have earned every bit of it.

It is all the people have left in the fight against the vile cartel of politicians and govt propagandists who have been lying to them every day for two years now.


  • We need a New Zealand Drain the Swamp movemet!

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  • On point, as always RB!

    As one of the great unwashed (as one policeman called us, seen that video?) who is camped here at parliament I’m just watching what’s being “presented” (even the angles they took their live footage from were clearly set up to make us look bad or menacing) and rolling my eyes.

    Interesting / harrowing day yesterday.
    Let’s see what today brings.

    On a side note, this dame is not designed for car life 🤣🤣

    Love your work.

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    • Jane- thanks for the kind words and yes, saw the video. Pathetic little brainwashed punk of a policeman. If a more enlightened time ever dawns in NZ he will be looked back upon as a typical Stasi style stooge. His mindset is exactly that which allowed Stasis goons to take fathers from their family homes at night and imprison them in Gulags. Or Nazi goons to force Jews into cattle wagons for transport to the concentration camps. And the worst is, he will probably never awake to who he really is.

      So much gratitude to you for being in Wellington and taking a stand. I am sure you already know that for every one of you at the protest in person, there are ten people who want to be there but cannot. Your courage is truly admirable.

      As for those opposing the protests, it is so sad to see so much moral bankruptcy in NZ. Its what you get when the communist state cleaves children from their parents and institutes its own culture. They grow up with a completely warped sense of values that sometimes can be redeemed and changed as they grow older, but too often not.

      Its such a poor argument from the PM to claim that the number of people getting vaccinated shows the protesters are in the minority. In the first place of course they are in the minority. Its the mass brainwashing and misinformation put about by the govt and its media acolytes that is a major part of the protest. The whole point is to awaken the majority.

      In the second place, the govt has used all kinds of amoral means to force people to be vaccinated. There is no way that submitting to these forces can be seen as support. Just such a weak argument it is only in NZ’s totally compromised media that it could find currency.

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  • This gathering is a cross section, but all had one goal . . . getting rid of the obfuscating harridan and its unemployable lackeys. New Zealand has had enough of her and her communist ambitions. Where does one make donations toward legal expenses incurred by those whom she ordered her acolyte Cuddles Coster the Police Imposter to charge with trumped up offences?

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    • I don’t know any of the how or where, or even if, but given the outrageous, fraudulent arrogance of gofundme over the Canuck truckers’ protest, be rather cautious with any donation.


    • See Ardern’s office is on the phone again to Twitter. Many NZ accounts reporting on the events at parliament house disappeared overnight. It is actually scandalous that Ardern is pressuring Twitter to delete accounts, but its just another thing that her cowardly and disgusting media friends choose not to investigate or report on.

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      • I had stayed away from twitter for some time, upset that I wasn’t caught up in Cindy & Jack’s purge of a couple of years ago. But I recently went back as I assumed it would be the best source of information about the Freedom Convoy.

        I’d never before been sin-binned, and yet I got a 12-hour suspension for saying I hope the protesters choke Wellington off completely, and keep it choked until the mandates are gone. Apparently, that was a breach of their “community standards”. Then when I went back, leftist operative CLInt Smith had posted a tweet complaining about getting caught up in the convoy, and stating he had dialed 111. I responded that he had not dialed 111, that instead he was being a whiny little bitch on twitter because he is, in fact, a whiny little bitch. Whereupon I got binned for a week.

        I’ll never go back to twitter, never again.

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        • “Community standards” is a farce. All the tech biggies have only one standard; money, money and more money.
          Some references. (The Spectator allows one or two article viewings per 24 hours for non-subscribers.)

          “What is less clear is why the media, tasked with holding governments to account, decided to assist in the erosion of civil rights. Generally speaking, it seems that this was done willingly by a class of journalists terrified into collectivist behaviour by personal fear. They believed the propaganda put out by their publications and were happy to silence the public, hide information, mislead, and outright lie about protesters.”


          The complicity of big tech social media
          ” It has since become clear that GoFundMe did not act entirely on its own when it came to cancelling the Freedom Convoy. Ottawa Police issued a statement via Twitter stating, ‘We want to thank GoFundMe for listening to our concerns as a City and a police service. The decision to withhold funding for these unlawful demonstrations is an important step and we call on all crowd-funding sites to follow.’ ”

          I subscribe to o’seas media to ascertain more of the truth of what’s going on in NZ. (No commission involved in making that statement!)

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  • On the mark again Redbaiter 💯🎯

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  • Great piece Redbaiter. Every person with access to New Zealand media “services” (I use that term with extreme cynicism) should be terrified to know that the government fully-controls what we are allowed to know and how we are to think. I say as much to the many who deny it is happening.
    Jane thank you for being one of the many brave patriotic New Zealanders peacefully and stoically fighting for all of our rights and freedoms. You are all truly remarkable people. I would be there too, but for personal circumstances denying me the ability to link arms with you all. My message to every protester there – stay calm, stay true to yourselves, stay.

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  • Media have always been agents of propaganda, it’s just their motives are more transparent and malevolent than ever. We are witness to some of the greatest evil gathered to suppress the human spirit, in a thousand years.

    NZ nudge unit with NZ govt, simply propaganda, to get our culture to immolate:

    I like Leighton Bakers daughter Chantelle’s work. A pleasant antidote. Follow individual reporters, like this blog, not corrupted news agencies.

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    • pb- witness how the media (namely Newsroom’s Marc Daalder and Newshub’s Jamie Ensor) are today desperately highlighting a report that Action Zealandia were responsible for a video filmed from a closed off building. Its a typical left wing attempt at diversion and misinformation.

      The original report on this comes from the group calling themselves “Paparoa”, who have also stated they are NZ’s ANTIFA. IOW, totalitarian communists who seek the elimination of every other political viewpoint. (By violent means if possible.)

      This is far from the first time this kind of collaboration has happened. How can NZ media claim they are reporting objectively when they willingly associate and do propaganda for Antifa, and make no mention of this association in their reports? Daalder and Ensor would not even be employed if the media was ever going to be a responsible and objective reporter of events.


      • Daadler I’ve always found repulsive. Ensor works for Pornhub. Will add him to my block list.

        Its easier to focus on the good. Life is too short to wallow in msm misery. Those who write truth, not butt hurt boys whom wish their daddy was there for them.

        We need to build anew. When the honking brings down the walls of Jericho these shills will wish they hadn’t help destroy the good. They have no limit.

        Sir Thomas More: “Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!”


  • Thankyou again Red. Keep writing the things many of us think but have no means to speak out. Our media is shallow and pathetic. Haven’t been watching TV news for a year or more now.

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  • Thanks Red…..your work keeps me sane….
    A big thanks to Jane, you and the team standing up for our rights are legends……
    The media sold their souls to the devil when they accepted their hush money…..I will never trust them again and dismissed them a good 18mths ago.
    Hold the Line all you wonderful people – this is our final act before the curtain falls on us all….would dearly love to be there as we were in Picton but definitely there in kindred spirit…..

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  • A bit of satire for your amusement.


  • It’s not hard. The media and most of the politicians have had their head up their collective backside for the best part of 2 years, ensconced in their ivory towers and never missed a paycheck. They are absolute amateurs, play actors. Not serious journalism by any stretch.
    And as for handing out hundreds of millions of dollars to said media disgusting.

    At a minimum the possibility of recall elections needs to happen if the parliament is operating under emergency legislation, – there has been far too much rammed through in the dead of night under urgency, no debate.
    This outpouring is the public saying, enough!

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