Christopher Luxon’s false dawn

National die-hards are flat out cheering for their “renewed” party, and who can blame them? Of course Christopher Luxon would make a “better” PM than Jacinda Ardern. Of course National would form a “better” government than Labour.

However the reality is National has been taken over by a group of politically naïve liberals, (with the possible exception of Simon Bridges) who have no actual idea of the powerful and malevolent force they are up against. Luxon has put Willis, Standford and Bishop on the front bench with the sole objective of winning back around 7% of the white, middle class female under 35 vote.

In other words, intelligent talented and experienced people need not apply. Its more important that you appeal to the drooling feminist ignorami who have besottedly supported Ardern for two terms. This may well be an election winning strategy, but to those who pine for a change in NZ’s far left political trajectory, its nothing to get excited about.

Luxon says his front bench was selected on merit, but this is patently untrue. Bridges was given his portfolio as a reward for withdrawing his leadership bid. Willis (like Stanford) has no political acumen and to prove this she has just made a terrible blunder in her housing portfolio, heavily promoting a bipartisan approach to the Intensified Housing Bill, even writing a positive op-ed in Stuff.

Nicola Willis: Let’s join forces to say yes to more housing

Jacinda look-alike Nicola Willis

Nicola Willis 05:00, Oct 23 2021

This week I stood with National’s Leader and Government ministers to announce a joint housing policy we have worked with Labour to develop. Why? New Zealand is facing a housing emergency. You have a right to expect your representatives will work constructively together to address it.

….but this week’s bipartisan announcement is a step forward for all of us. It’s an historic commitment that will help put new rungs on the property ladder, placing it in reach of more people, and rebuilding hope for the next generation. That’s why National and Labour joined forces to say yes to more housing this week. I invite you to do the same.

Incredibly naïve, if not utterly stupid. Willis has had to walk back the bi-partisan approach as National voters more politically aware than she is have angrily pointed out its many problems. Her previous enthusiastic and gullible support for the bill has become a major embarrassment to the party and it confirms that politically they, and Willis in particular, do not know nearly enough about who and what they are up against. For her blunder Willis was made Deputy Leader.

An advocate for the housing intensification bill says New Zealand “needs a mind shift” (Radio NZ)

Instructed by their friendly Labour paymasters, media are doing everything possible to neutralise any poll bump for Luxon, and are portraying him as a rich and selfish capitalist who wants to sell out the country to bankers and corporatists. This is far from true of course, but its an approach that may work, given media’s virtually unchallenged influence over an increasingly gullible uninformed and purposefully uneducated public.

In fact the corporate cliché addicted Luxon is so far left politically he would make a far better leader of the Labour party than of National. His political hero, as he has stated on a number of occasions, is Barack Obama, currently driving the US into economic and social disaster while Joe Biden pretends to be in charge. (the media downplay this admission, because it doesn’t fit with the fake “far right” narrative they wish to construct)

Christopher Luxon identifies Barack Obama as his political hero
(QandA 05/12/21) even though they are not “100%” politically aligned.

Luxon’s enthusiastic belief in man caused warming is another example of his political naivety. Climate change is merely a device dreamed up by the left to give them access to political and corporate power (and capital) that they would otherwise be unable to obtain, and anyone with a gram of political sense knows this.

As is the current push for the Maorification of NZ. Notice how all those behind it are from the far left of the political spectrum? Same old same old. Almost every such division or strategy the left come up with is designed with one thing in mind- to smokescreen and further their insatiable greed for power. As Saul Alinsky says, “the issue is never the issue, the real issue is the revolution!”.

Readers- we know these truths, but apparently Luxon and the National party are inexplicably ignorant of them. Sure, go ahead and vote National if you must. After all, there is little real alternative given ACT are equally as liberal and dumb.

As we are reminded by the eternally goofy David Seymour starring in an embarrassingly amateur taxpayer funded rap video encouraging state enforced inoculation. Not to mention their bizarre enthusiasm for the damaging and fake “market solution” of carbon trading.

Remember, John Key looked like the man for a while, with his climate change skepticism and his description of the Working For Families welfare payout as “communism by stealth”. However once in power he went full bore for both these issues, and signed NZ up to any number of damaging UN agreements. Key even boasted how he had converted National to a “progressive” party.

John Key’s infamous about turn on Climate Change

Luxon and his liberals will (like Key) undoubtedly just keep the govt seats warm for the return of Labour. They will not roll anything back but due to their naivety and political immaturity more likely push through legislation that aids the left. (like Willis’s support for the housing intensification bill)

Voting National may well rid us of Ardern but just don’t expect any great change in the country’s dangerous socialist trajectory. New Zealand is desperately in need of a real solution to the “progressive” left and their purposeful and systematic destruction of our culture, heritage, democracy and country. It sure as hell isn’t Luxon and his team of silly tap-dancing wets.

Vladimir Lenin- “Communism must be built by non-communist hands“.


  • Once again right on subject. Politics of the ‘right’ in NZ is in bad shape. Cannot believe Seymour was in that terrible misinformation video headlined by left wing anti science pink-haired activists! Our politicians just have no self awareness or of the sad state of the country.

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    • Luxon in parliament yesterday asked silly ineffective questions that demonstrate he has no idea on strategy. May as well have been Labour asking the questions to make their leader look good (Dorothy Dixers).

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  • That pinkish hue and variations in nature often means the thing is toxic or on heat. Perhaps true in some humans, too?

    It would be *so* nice to get rid of the misnomers in politics and call a spade a spade.
    “Progressive” means communist regression.
    “Liberal” conveys the opposite: Draconian.
    “Far left” means those in favour of despotic dictatorship.

    For a glaring example, one only has to look at the “Peoples Republic of China.”
    The reality if the Communist Party’s Repression of China.

    Bah! Humbug!


  • Once again REDBAITER …. you’ve absolutely nailed-it. NZ is in serious trouble with all four major parties dancing on the strings of the same globalist puppet masters.


  • Sadly my friend, you are once again 100% correct. But the reason our political landscape is so diverse – it ranges from out-n-proud Maoist communism all the way through to kinder, gentler Obama socialism – is because that’s what the vast majority of our voting public desire. There are no divergent opinions within the New Zealand parliament, because any kiwi with a divergent opinion is ruthlessly torn down – look for example at the way Elliott Ikilei was attacked for the crime of entering politics as a Conservative after many decades serving the poor and needy of South Auckland.

    Our politicians and our Parliament represent the will of the vast majority of the New Zealand voting public. You and I are anathema. Liberty is terrifying to them. The concept of consequences is completely foreign to them.

    And so it will continue, until the economy inevitably collapses and we welcome our new overlords from Beijing.


  • By saying you admire Obama you are basically saying you admire someone who achieved very little in 8 years, value delivering lots of soaring rhetoric and hot air over doing anything of substance, except maybe droning a host of foreign countries.
    Perfect fit for the current National party. May as well put Brownlee in charge, at least you’ll get some helpful gardening tips and a wood-turned pencil holder.